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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 03:53 PM
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George Bush paintings....ummmmmmmm

When he first showed his painting of his feet in the bathtub I was like ok, naive, someone who doesnít really know how to draw and is trying to paint, ok, whatever. Then not too much later, a couple months or so, weíre seeing him executing portraits of presidents, pets....etc. I really have to question if these are really his work. I have studied drawing and painting myself, have spent years going to life drawing classes and spent a couple years painting en plein air. I just donít see how someone jumps from an extremely naive painting ability to rather sophisticated portraits, that show a keen level of drawing ability as well as style, and a knowledge of how values work in a painting. The guy is not that smart. And heís a big ass liar, or as he would say, untruth. My guess is that he has someone doing the drawing, mixing the colors/values, and then he puts the actual paint on. Thereís just no way otherwise, imho. Idk, just something that has bothered me and I recently watched a video on some news show about his paintings is why Iím bringing this up.

How I wear a mask at the dentist

Early on in the pandemic I had a terrible toothache. I had no choice to not go. I just wanted to share how I wear a mask at the dentist office in case some of you are afraid to go to the dentist. It sounds absurd, maybe looks absurd, but works for me and I feel safe going to the dentist this way. Basically when the hygienist is ready to begin, I raise my mask (kn95) upwards, so the lower part of the mask is covering over the nose, and the upper part is covering the eyes. It feels like itís still a good seal too. My mouth is exposed and open so the hygienist can do the cleaning, and I breathe in and out through nose only. Then when they are finished I lower the mask back down. If you have been avoiding the dentist because of covid, and this doesnít sound too absurd and want to give it a try, you can test it out at home. The added benefit is the eyes are covered from the bright dentist chair light. I asked my hygienist if anyone else does this but the answer was no. Just me. But they are totally on board with it and it doesnít interfere with the cleaning. I doubt that I would go to the dentist had I not come up with this strategy. Itís so easy and simple. I donít care what it must look like either. Itís keeping me safe. And them too.

100 Days Without Trump on Twitter: A Nation Scrolls More Calmly


Facebook's Oversight Board has delayed it's decision on Trump's suspension

Source: Endgadget

The board needs more time to review the thousands of public comments it received.

Read more: https://www.engadget.com/facebook-oversight-board-donald-trump-decision-delayed-173841306.html

Real estate question...

Iím hoping to buy a house one of these days. First time.
Is it normal practice for the broker to charge (300$) for making an offer?
Everything I read is that brokers only get paid a commission when the house is bought.
This is one of a few incidences that have cropped up where Iím questioning whether or not Iím with the right broker.
Also, unanswered emails about houses I was interested in; their phone battery dying on video tours, sending me listings everyday that are not even close to what we have discussed as what Iím interested in, etc.
Mostly wanted to know about the offer charge.
I hope this is the correct forum, or if this issue is even allowed on here.
Thanks for any input you might have.

I'm so stressed from noisy neighbor.

I live in a small apt in big city.
I have rent control so I doubt I will find anything this affordable here. Iíll will have to move out of here, its too much bad for my health, never really being able to relax, anxiety...
It can go on 16 hours at a time of what sounds like I donít know what. Thudding, dropping stuff sounds. And recently, for weeks on end.
I doubt the upstairs person will change. The building management doesnít help.
I have decided I need to move and Iím thinking buying a small house to live in might be a better situation. At least they wouldnít be right on top of me.
Iím thinking North Carolina, college town.
Right now itís difficult to find much because low interest rates, and folks fleeing cities.
And I donít want to travel until I get a shot.
I know you can have neighbor problems in a house too. As Iím reading on DU.
Iím really asking if any of you have any suggestions, either places to move to or really anything.
I would love to move somewhere rural, nature, but Iím getting kind of older, and probably need to be near good medical facilities.
Some days itís just too much for me here.

Watch the Dramatic Video of the Capitol Riot


Inside The Worst-Hit County In The Worst-Hit State In The Worst-Hit Country

When covid-19 surged through a North Dakota community, a battle with the pandemic became a battle among its residents.][link:https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/02/15/inside-the-worst-hit-county-in-the-worst-hit-state-in-the-worst-hit-country|

I'm hoping the trump brand will now and in the future be synonymous with

the January 6th coup attempt, insurrection, whatever you want to call it. Especially since the videos and photos show so many people wearing trump merch such as the red make America great again baseball caps, trump flags, t-shirts, etc. The entire coup attempt literally has trump written all over it.

Before covid, theres a couple friends I would visit who had friends who are right wingers.

I would get little clues here and there about some of their views. They would spout anti Obama or pro Koch bros rhetoric. Conspiracy theories like fake moon landing beliefs and chem trails. Oh and the fires in California were not a big deal, more like exciting. It was all kinda disturbing but they seemed harmless, and fringe minority. But I feel like thatís all changed now. They are not harmless, as individuals, but they are part of a dangerous movement. Iím posting this because I would like some feedback as to what to do. I donít have a lot of friends, or family. I feel like Iím losing so many people to trumpism. Do I not visit my friends who associate with them? Do I even bring this up with my friends who associate with them? Am I being too judgmental? Or do I keep this too myself and just continue these relationships and ignore the nutty parts of these people?
My friends donít seem to have any problems with these loonies, and I sometimes wonder what my friends true colors are. Iíve learned to not discuss politics with family members. They mostly vote third party.
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