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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 10,367

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Will S.S be affected by failure to raise debt limit? One point of view says no, because SS in in

a trust account.

Other posts I have, indicated that SS will not be paid.

Years ago 70's, was a movie, Little Murders.

Written by Jules Pfiffer.

It was about random murders without motives.


Once in a while -- My ex reminded me, it was about 2 years ago. We were in Trader Joe's.

She was wearing a mask. I wasn't. An asshole goes up to her and begins his bullshit about "sheeple" and masks don't do you any good, anyway.

Ex: "I'm not wearing it so I don't get sick. I'm wearing it to protect you. I tested positive yesterday." She then took it off. " If it makes you upset, I won't wea ---"

She didn't get to finish the sentence. He was gone.......

Need advice on buying replacement windows. I am interested in "medium grade" windows.

I was figuring to choose from H.D's offerings. What should I consider in choosing windows?

MARIJUANA -- you can buy it, smoke it, give it to a friend. But you can't grow it.

ALCOHOL -- you can buy it, drink it, give it to a friend AND you can brew, ferment or distill your own.

Can somebody explain?

I am 80. (New Jersey) My cousin is 74 (Texas). I have an iPhone 14 and she has some kind of Android.

We want to set up a video phone conversation with our uncle, using these phones -- FaceTime and whatever app the Android offers.

Is this going to be difficult?

Trump justice- I'll cream my jeans.

The NYC case will end up going nowhere. It is the weakest of the three.

It will end with a fine.

BUT— what if——. Community service?

I would pay to see his lard ass, holding a pole with a nail on the end, walking down the highway, picking up litter.

She's my cousin, 62 years old. I've posted about her on D.U. She's the one who takes Ivermectin to

ward off Covid.

Well now, she's in the process of being evicted.... non payment of rent.

Me: "H... you gotta start going through things. What can you keep? Can you store things in a storage bin?" She admits to being a hoarder so getting shit organized will be a project with only a couple of days to organize a move.

Me: "H... do you have friends that will let you you couch surf?" This is serious. If you can, you need to move before the judge orders your eviction. It will be on public record for 7 years and it will not be easy to rent another place"

Her response: "I'm not doing anything for the time being. God will provide."

Me: "H... it's time to grow up. There is no magic guy in the sky who is going to swoop down and pay the rent so that you can stay in the apartment."

Her: Well He's always taken care of things for me in the past."

She is deeply religious and I feel guilty for dumping on her.

Does anyone have an update on Kozar?

Bad day, yesterday. Been concerned about him all day.

How to recover the apple password?

I need the original password in order to change to a new one.
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