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Hometown: California
Member since: Tue Feb 27, 2018, 10:32 PM
Number of posts: 28,685

Journal Archives

Ben Carson ass kissing weird prayer at cabinet meeting


faux news radio "there is no evidence" that Trump has lost $2 billion by serving as president

during news break on rightwing station. !!! Trump fact checked by faux to faux listeners. !!! in response to Trump statement made at crazy cabinet whine session.


"People need to hear ALL of it!" concise summation of the last 3 years of Trump


Trump Department of Justice writes letter in support of firing gay teachers



Orangutan adopts 3 baby tigers


poor confused dogs


the pics Ivanka uses to honor the all female spacewalk? - 3 of 4 feature herself

This is a perfect example of her twittering... going to big events to get pics that feature herself. The apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree.


How Low Will Trump Go? The president is unabashed, unapologetic and out of control.



The wonder of the Trump administration ó the jaw-dropping, brain-exploding phantasmagoria of it ó is that it doesnít bury its rottenness under layers of counterfeit virtue or use a honeyed voice to mask the vinegar inside. The rottenness is out in the open. The sourness is right there on the surface for all to see.

Itís at the presidentís rallies, where he plays a bigot for laughs, a bully for applause.

Itís in the ballrooms and beds at Mar-a-Loco, where he mingles official government business with free marketing for his gilded club.

Itís in the transcript of his phone call with the president of Ukraine, for whom the quid, the pro and the Biden-ravaging quo couldnít have been clearer.

Itís at the microphone in the White House briefing room, where his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, showed up on Thursday, announced that President Trump would host the next G7 meeting at one of his own golf resorts, and conceded that, yes, aid to Ukraine had been tied to that countryís indulgence of the presidentís political obsessions.

ďGet over it,Ē Mulvaney told the assembled journalists.

ďElections have consequences,Ē he also said.

Allow me to translate: American voters gave Trump the presidency, so itís his to use and abuse as he wants.

massive protests in Barcelona


cigarette cockroach



First there was pizza rat.

Then Hennessy rat came along.

Now, cigarette cockroach is the latest pest in New York caught on video indulging in its favorite vice.
On Friday, attorney Tom Kretchmar tweeted the video that shows the insect dragging a cigarette across a sewer grate, at times struggling but seemingly determined to get its nicotine fix.

The video, shot at the intersection of 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue, has garnered 19,000 retweets and 86,000 likes.
Kretchmar said he watched the cockroach for 90 seconds before moving on.
The Twittersphere responded with a mix of fascination and disgust.
"Whose ex boyfriend is this?" tweeted one user.

Others showed a strange empathy toward cigarette cockroach.
"I guess if you have a lifespan of only 160 days, you might think, 'Why not?'" NPR host Scott Simon tweeted.
"Been a hell of a week for us all," Josh Grubbs tweeted.
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