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Member since: Tue Feb 27, 2018, 10:32 PM
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Worst gift you have recieved?


Beto jumps into action on Christmas day


Ben Carson's HUD dials back investigations into housing discrimination


At a training last month for hundreds of fair-housing advocates, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson crowed about his suspension of an Obama-era rule mandating that communities fix long-standing patterns of segregation.

The regulation, hailed as one of the most ambitious efforts to fight racial bias in housing in decades, was too burdensome on cities, he said, according to four people present. So was another Obama rule that held lenders and landlords liable for policies that lead to discrimination even if none was intended, he added.

The audience, many of whom had spent years working to make sure marginalized groups get equal access to housing, was stunned. “Tone deaf,” said one attendee.

The scene illustrated the uncomfortable reality for Carson as he nears the end of his second year as HUD secretary. Though he is charged under the law with eliminating discriminatory housing practices, Carson is also a longtime skeptic of using government power to remedy such inequality .

Beyond his attempts to roll back the agency’s fair-housing rules, Carson is overseeing a department whose fair-housing budget and staffing have been cut. And, notably, he has departed from the practices of recent Democratic and Republican predecessors of using their secretarial power to root out systemic racial discrimination by launching broad-based investigations into bias by banks, real estate companies and others.

Tweet from George Takei


Laurance Tribe schools Trump regarding who makes contracts



Sorry to interrupt, Mr. President, but it’s Congress, not the Oval Office, that holds the power of the purse. Congress has forbidden what you bragged you just did. You’re making it harder by the hour for those of us who keep saying we mustn’t rush to impeach. Give us a break!

Now this is an appropriate Christmas Tweet (POTUS 44)

nothing partisan. No insults of the opposing party. No self pity. No lies. no blood red trees. Trump has 12 hours to pull something together.


China purchased ZERO soybeans in first for trade wars. Turned to Brazil for Soy


China Stops Importing US Soy in First for Trade War
November saw zero soybeans sold as the Chinese turn to Brazil

For the first time since President Trump ignited a trade war with China, the People's Republic imported no US soybeans at all in November. Per Reuters, China, which is the world's largest soybean buyer, has turned to Brazil's growers instead after China put a 25 percent tariff on US imports in response to US tariffs on their goods. Reuters reports that US soybean sales to China accounted for trade worth about $12 billion in 2017.

Per Quartz, China bought around 5 million metric tons of soybeans from Brazil last month, or around twice what it purchase from the South American country in November 2017. This month, China and the US reportedly agreed to a 90-day window in which they would discuss terms of lifting tariffs and China began purchasing US soybeans again in early December. (Meanwhile, the trade war is among several issues causing disquiet in world markets.)

Sarah Sanders Christmas Eve tweet getting push back on Twitter


On this Christmas Eve, I’m grateful for a God who loves us, the blessing to live in the greatest country on earth, and for every man and woman in our armed forces spending this Christmas away from their families so the rest of us can safely be with ours.

A taste of the responses

Replying to @PressSec
Can you put in a word for the Feds and federal contractors whose paychecks you took away for Christmas?

#GoebbelsInPearls messes up holiday greeting, neglecting furloughed workers and children in cages.

Replying to @PressSec
You know who’s not thankful? Children in cages in TX, 800,000 federal employees not getting a paycheck, our environment, homeless Vets, protections for transgender schoolchildren, the elderly that need meals on wheels, everyone with a 401k, and democracy.

bank surprises single mom. Pays off her 150K in student loans



CHICAGO (WLS) -- For the past 12 years, 30-year-old Jasmin Ford has had to hustle for everything she has.

"Gratitude is what gets me through. I mean, becoming a nurse and being able to serve in the field that I'm in is the greatest honor of my life second to having my son," she said.

Ford grew up on Chicago's South Side. She's now a single mother and a nurse, the first in her family to go to college. She works two jobs, six days a week, and is saddled with $150,000 of student loan debt she never thought she'd pay off.

"There are times when I fall short and I have to reduce my payment amounts, so there's really not a timeline that I can necessarily see," Ford said.

Until now. Fifth Third bank became aware of Jasmin, who is a customer, while they were working on a promotional video. Bank officials said they chose to pay off her student loans because she exemplified the impact that loans can have on a family trying to achieve.

"We know the burden that student loan debt places on people's lives and slows down the trajectory and the change that they can make in the world, and to be able to remove that roadblock and that obstacle for Jasmin is just a dream come true for all of us," said Fifth Third Bank's Mike Crawford.

As Crawford waited outside of Jasmin's home to surprise her, she had no idea her student loans are about to evaporate.

After some misdirection to get Mike to the door, he told her the good news.

"Fifth Third is paying off all of your student loans today," Crawford said.

"Are you serious?" Ford asked with tears in her eyes.

"I am serious," Crawford said. "You are an inspiration to us and this is the least we can do."

"Thank you so much!" Ford shouted through tears.

It was a life changing moment for Ford and her 2-year-old son Caleb.

"I can save for your college," she told him. "You won't be like me, you won't have any debt."

Trump supporter escorted off Virgin Islands after racist rant



Video posted by Tariq Nasheed on Friday shows the obnoxious woman going on her rant while a man in the background can be heard trying to quiet her down
'Vicky' - whose real name is Mickey Tronson - can be seen near a pool and on a boat going off with her offensive remarks

'Don't like n*****s. President Trump, whoo! Obama? F**k you, motherf*****g n****r,' she can be heard shouting

The woman's Facebook page has since been deleted
Edwin Lewis, a local resident, shared another video of Tronson calling black people 'n****rs'
Lewis also posted a photo of a man he said was with the woman - named Troy Strube
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