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Dow is down 1%, one hour until close

N. Korea insists US act first before it gives up nukes


I thought Trump claimed victory over NK on this issue and had picked a place on the mantle for his Nobel Peace Prize?

The comments may also be seen as proof of what outside skeptics have long said: that Kim will never voluntarily relinquish an arsenal he sees as a stronger guarantee of survival than whatever security assurances the United States might provide. The statement suggests North Korea will eventually demand the United States withdraw or significantly reduce the 28,500 American troops stationed in South Korea, a major sticking point in any disarmament deal.

trump's most repeated lies


Former Ga. candidate for governor (and racist) indicted


State Sen. Michael Williams, who waged a controversial campaign for governor this year, was charged this week with making a false report that computer servers were stolen from his campaign office shortly before his last-place finish in the May primary.

The indictment, obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, accuses the Forysth County Republican of insurance fraud, making a false statement and false report of a crime.

Williams, a Forsyth County Republican who remains in office until January, declined to comment. His former campaign manager, Seth Weathers, said it was a “political witch hunt” and is without merit.

“I guess it’s the price you pay for being a fearless conservative,” said Weathers, invoking a campaign slogan. “Like they say, a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich.”

Hall County District Attorney Lee Darragh said Williams is making arrangements to turn himself in. He declined further comment.

The charges issued Tuesday by Hall County authorities relate to a May incident where Williams reported that his Gainesville office was burglarized. At the time, Weathers said $300,000 worth of computers servers were taken from the building.

Williams is accused of lying to a Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent when he said he was at home in Forsyth County, not in the Gainesville area at the time of the purported burglary. The indictment, which doesn’t say what allegedly actually happened to the servers, accuses him of making a false insurance claim related to the servers.

"Mattis knew what he was getting when he signed up to work for Trump."


Mattis knew what he was getting when he signed up to work for Trump. He spent two years at his side, ignoring all the shit that Trump's done at home and abroad.

Sorry, he shouldn't get to play martyr or victim or principled opponent now. Though the media will help him do so...

bank calls 911 on black man cashing his paycheck



In Brooklyn, Ohio, a black man was apprehended and handcuffed by police after tellers at Huntington Bank refused to cash his check, then called 911 on him. Thirty-year-old Paul McCowns was attempting to cash a paycheck of just over $1,000. Social media reports of the incident—which took place on December 1—have been circulating with the hashtag #BankingWhileBlack.


But without informing Mr McCowns, they had also called 911 and reported that he was trying to cash a fraudulent cheque.

Police handcuffed him and put him in a squad car as they called his employer, who he said told officers: "'Yes, he works for me, he just started, and yes, my payroll company does pay him that much.'"

In a statement Huntington Bank said it "sincerely apologises to Mr McCowns for this extremely unfortunate event."

Mr McCowns, who cashed his cheque at a different Huntington branch the next day, said the apology was insufficient.

"I want an apology, a sincere apology, mainly from the person who called the cops on me."

According to Brooklyn police, there have been over 10 calls to police about fraudulent cheques from that bank branch alone in the past few months - all of which ended in arrests.


Dow closed down 2%..-464 at 22860

Colorado baker back in court over second LGBTQ bias allegation


Colorado baker back in court over second LGBTQ bias allegation
Attorneys for Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips say he's being punished by the state for refusing to bake a cake celebrating a gender transition.

DENVER — Attorneys for a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple on religious grounds — a stand partially upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court — argued in federal court Tuesday that the state is punishing him again over his refusal to bake a cake celebrating a gender transition.

Lawyers for Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in suburban Denver, are suing to try to stop the state from taking action against him over the new discrimination allegation. They say the state is treating Phillips with hostility because of his Christian faith and pressing a complaint that they call an "obvious setup."

"At this point, he's just a guy who is trying to get back to life. The problem is the state of Colorado won't let him," Jim Campbell, an attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom, said after the hearing. The conservative Christian nonprofit law firm is representing Phillips.

State officials argued for the case to be dismissed, but the judge said he was inclined to let the case move forward and would issue a written ruling later.

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission said Phillips discriminated against Denver attorney Autumn Scardina because she's transgender. Phillips' shop refused to make a cake last year that was blue on the outside and pink on the inside after Scardina revealed she wanted it to celebrate her transition from male to female.

She asked for the cake on the same day the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would consider Phillips' appeal of the previous commission ruling against him. In that 2012 case, he refused to make a wedding cake for same-sex couple Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins.

Missouri woman's tiny house was reported stolen, then found days later 30 miles away

Missouri woman's tiny house was reported stolen, then found days later 30 miles away
Meghan Panu had said her tiny house on wheels was stolen over the weekend. It was found Wednesday morning.


Home for the holidays.

A tiny house reported stolen by a Missouri woman will be returned after the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office tracked down the missing residence Wednesday morning.

Sheriff Dave Marshak said in a tweet that Meghan Panu's home, which was built on wheels, was found parked on a dirt road in a wooded area in House Springs, Missouri, about 30 miles away from where it had been nabbed in St. Louis.

Panu, of St. Louis, said in an Instagram post that she thinks the house was stolen between Friday night and Saturday morning.

She told NBC-affiliate KSDK that the owner of a building supply store in the area had let her park the house there until she could move it to a lot she had picked out. But she said that over the weekend she received a call from the store's owner that the house was gone.

So far, authorities have not identified who took the house, the sheriff told NBC News.

In a second tweet, Marshak shared some more good news for Panu saying a towing company would bring her house back to her free of charge.



the physics of Mortal Engines... no spoilers

from the trailers it's clear that the city of London is wheeling about looking for smaller cities to grab up so it's not a spoiler to discuss this aspect of the movie. and from the trailer, it's clear that this mobile London can move at a pretty good clip.

doesn't seem very efficient. not efficient at all
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