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"the day I quit Amazon delivery". 314 heavy packages to one home, 1 hr 47 minutes to unload

"Note that she is opening boxes as I deliver due to limited space," the text in the video reads. "It took one hour and 47 minutes to deliver 314 heavy packages to this single home."

The shocking amount of deliveries was surprising to viewers, who hypothesized why someone would receive that many deliveries. But the TikTok creator, @willy.ngoran, clarified that there was "an error in the system that delayed the deliveries." He added, "They were to be split between different drivers but it went wrong. I was the last resort."

@willy.ngoran told the Daily Dot that while he still works at Amazon, he is now a dispatcher rather than a delivery driver. He said one of the reasons he posted the video was "to show people what they ignore about the delicate job, as far as un amount of packages and effort drivers sometimes showcase to make these last mile deliveries possible."

"It is true that we get a lot of packages some days but it’s mostly the apartments that make people quit," he added.

He said he "was very amazed" by the support he received after posting the video.


8000 Haitians coalesce at the TX border. Abbot tries to close 6 ports. Judge says no

Tweet of the minute..from Newsom


people hold signs up. Outside home of Gabby's fiance

sheriff deputy dies after losing control of Superformance MkIII, a Shelby Cobra replica

the car had no top, he was ejected... not sure if he was wearing seatbelts.


L.A. County sheriff's deputy Cameron Blaine Fish, 33, of Temple City, died at the scene according to the L.A. County coroner's office. Investigators revealed Fish had been driving a Shelby Cobra sports car at a "high rate of speed" when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed.

CHP said Fish was driving so fast he was unable to safely negotiate a curve in the road. He reportedly veered left, off road and onto a center median, striking a raised street sign and light pole. The force of the impact ejected Fish from the vehicle, leading to his death.

A passenger in the car, 28-year-old Diana Whang of Temecula, was hospitalized with "moderate" injuries to her head, according to CHP. Her condition was initially reported as "critical" by the L.A. County Fire Department.

It is unknown whether Fish or Whang were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident, or if alcohol or other substances were a factor in the crash.


Stamping on the car indicated it is a Superformance MkIII, a Shelby Cobra replica that is licensed by Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. The powerful sports car is a modern day take on Shelby's iconic Cobra sports cars of the 1960s.

"A Life Preserver Thrown To Gavin Newsom": Some Republicans Say Larry Elder Was California Recall's

“A Life Preserver Thrown To Gavin Newsom”: Some Republicans Say Larry Elder Was California Recall’s Turning Point


In fact, in a post-mortem on Wednesday, some Republicans are even blaming Elder for the shellacking that the pro-recall side took, handing Governor Gavin Newsom ample material to work with given Elder’s long history in the world of AM radio bombast.

Ron Nehring, the former chairman of the California Republican Party, said at a Sacramento Press Club event that Elder was “a life preserver thrown to Gavin Newsom.” Just as ballots were being mailed to all of the state’s registered voters, Newsom’s side was seizing on Elder’s past statements, from opposition to a minimum wage to comments about women.

Compared to Schwarzenegger, whose entry into the recall race gave fuel to efforts to oust Governor Gray Davis, “you saw the opposite happen in this case,” Nehring said.

“You still need a majority of the electorate to accept the alternative,” he added.

The problem only got worse on Monday, when Elder’s side posted a website claiming election shenanigans and asking users to petition the legislature to launch an investigation of the results. The problem was that votes hadn’t even been counted, and Tuesday was a crucial day of in-person voting as the election concluded.

Nehring blasted the tactic as one that perhaps suppressed the pro-recall vote. When Elder’s campaign manager Jeff Corless said that the website was simply a portal for voters to report irregularities, Nehring responded, “That is bullsh*t.”


Larry Elder's voter fraud messaging depressed Republican turnout, GOP consultant charges

Recall candidate Larry Elder – with an assist from former President Donald Trump – depressed GOP turnout in California’s recall race by raising the prospect of voter fraud before the election, a Republican consultant said Wednesday.


Ron Nehring, a former chair of the California GOP and adviser to Faulconer, pointed to a page on Elder’s website that, prior to the election, presumed that Newsom won the recall because of an influx of voter fraud. It asked voters to sign a petition asking for a special session of the Legislature to investigate. Nehring said such a suggestion was “astonishing” and discouraged Republicans from voting.


“We can’t have an evidence-based party if we are bull-----ing people in advance that this election was stolen when it was not,” Nehring said Wednesday. “One way not to have Republicans win is by telling Republican voters that their votes don’t matter.... Lying to Republicans claiming an election was stolen, before a single vote or result had been published, is grossly irresponsible.”

Nehring accused Elder of acting as a “life preserver” for Newsom’s campaign. Early polls showed support for the recall almost evenly split, but that changed with Elder’s entry to the race, Nehring argued, and Newsom was able to pull out a huge victory.

“The overwhelming majority of Californians were not happy with the alternative, if that alternative was Larry Elder,” Nehring said. “It is very unfortunate that a governor who has run out of ideas, Gavin Newsom, was provided a vector, was assisted in his effort to make someone else the issue.”


Meet The Cast Of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Paramount+

Man Fired After Vandalizing Woman's Workspace With 'Trump 2024' Graffiti


Man Fired After Vandalizing Woman's Workspace With 'Trump 2024' Graffiti

A Canadian woman’s TikTok went viral for showing the Trump-inspired vandalism committed by one of her coworkers throughout her workspace.

According to the TikToker (@smilemoonchild) the coworker was eventually fired for his actions.

In the original video posted on Aug. 29, the TikToker, who is based in Hamilton, Ontario, shows her workspace which appears to be a factory or warehouse setting.

“Tell me you have an awful coworker without telling me you have an awful coworker. I’ll go first,” she says before pointing the camera at various graffiti around the room, all of which says something like “Trump 2024.”

She explains that many of her coworkers worked the previous day, which was a Saturday, but that she did not. When she returned to work Sunday she noticed her section was vandalized.

The “Trump” graffiti was done in what looks like red paint and is shown in five separate instances in the video.

“I already reported it to HR and they said they’re gonna deal with it and they’re gonna go to the director of human resources,” she says. “This was definitely targeted towards me because it’s only in my section.”


Larry Elder's private charity was a bust, and questions swirl over where the money went


But the conservative radio host’s own nonprofit raised little cash and made no grants in the nearly two decades it was active, a Times review of its annual tax filings show.

From 1998 through 2014, Larry Elder Charities Inc. raised about $20,000, according to public tax filings. It spent no money on any services, other than accounting, legal and filing fees to keep the organization in good standing. The organization has been suspended by the state since 2015 for failing to pay a filing fee, according to a spokesperson with the Franchise Tax Board.

The IRS automatically revoked the charity’s tax-exempt status in 2018, three years after it stopped filing the required paperwork, according to IRS records.


The nonprofit’s last tax filing showed just under $15,000 in remaining funds, and charity experts said Elder is ethically obliged to disclose what happened to the money. The organization’s articles of incorporation promised to distribute the funds to other charities and nonprofits should it shut down.

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