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cross street in compton is black and covered in tire debris from weekly street takeovers

How will blue cities in red states handle abortion? Austin Has a Plan for Texas' Post-Roe World

Texas is likely to criminalize nearly all abortions if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade—but not every Texas city is on the same page. Austin, for one, has a resolution in the works that would effectively decriminalize abortion, protecting its residents from being prosecuted if they terminate a pregnancy, Politico reports

. Councilmember Chito Vela, who introduced the resolution, says action must be taken now: "In Texas, you’re an adult at 17," Vela tells Politico. "We are looking at the prospect of a 17-year-old girl who has an unplanned pregnancy and is seeking an abortion [being] subjected to first-degree felony charges—up to 99 years in jail." "The city is prepared to take the steps necessary to implement this resolution upon passage by City Council," a city of Austin rep says.

Texas is one of many states with so-called "trigger laws" that will take effect within 30 days if Roe is overturned, and some believe the Texas law will enable authorities to go after not just abortion providers but people seeking abortions. Vela's proposed resolution, in an effort not to come into conflict with the state law, would direct police to make abortion their lowest priority in terms of enforcement and would restrict city staff or funds from being used to investigate suspected abortions. While this is the first move by a major blue city in a red state to get around the state's abortion laws in a hypothetical post-Roe world, activists are looking to implement them in other, similar cities.


40 shot. 6 killed in Chicago over mem weekend.

Another Henderson nevada shooting

Biker gangs shootout this week..now this at gas station

Herd of bison hold up traffic


Highway shootout in Nevada was between biker gangs Vagos and Hells Angels. 7 injured


A shooting that injured seven and shut down U.S Highway 95 for hours Sunday involved members of the Hells Angels and Vagos motorcycle gangs, police said Monday.

Henderson police said they’ve arrested three people in the shooting. They are Richard Devries, 66, Stephen Alo, 46, and Russell Smith, 26.

“Preliminary investigation indicates that the involved subjects are all members or affiliates of rival Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs,” Henderson police said in a press release announcing the arrests.

Police said the Hells Angels and the Vagos were the two groups involved in the confrontation on the northbound freeway at College Drive. Police were called to the scene at 11:50 a.m. “to discover multiple subjects who had sustained gunshot wounds,” police said.

Six were transported to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center with two of those victims in critical condition. A seventh person later showed up at the hospital with non life-threatening injuries suffered in the shooting.

what should happen to Robb Elementary?


First mass murder in my memory (1974 San Ysidro), the building was razed and a memorial built. It seems less likely that buildings are razed these days. As I recall, Virginia Tech (32 dead) opted to keep all their buildings.

It sits out front along San Ysidro Boulevard with 21 white marble hexagonal pillars measuring from 1 to 6 feet tall.

But almost 40 years later, most people ignore it as or are simply unaware of what it represents they walk past it.

“I never heard of it,” said Jose Fernandez when asked if he knew what the memorial was about.


Mona Lisa gets caked by man disguised as old woman in wheelchair (protective glass)



Images of the Mona Lisa painting stained with cake cream after a person stamped a cake on it went viral on Sunday, despite the fact that the cake actually collided with the glass that protects Leonardo da Vinci's work in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

According to witness testimony, the perpetrator was a man in a wheelchair who wore a wig. To the surprise of the other guests, he would have suddenly stood up and approached La Gioconda, throwing the cake at her.


Wayne LaPierre pranked to his face in front of NRA LOL...this is great


the Onion has the same article...repeated over and over on its front page 21 times

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