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AZ women at CA abortion clinics increases 80%

Abortion limits in Arizona put pressure on clinics in Southern California

Paul Sisson - The San Diego Union-Tribune (TNS) Jul 1, 2022 Updated 15 min ago

SAN DIEGO — Suspension of most abortions in Arizona is already putting significant pressure on medical clinics in San Diego, Imperial and Riverside counties.

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, which operates 19 health centers in those three counties, said Wednesday that Arizona women have scheduled 175 appointments at its various locations since the U.S. Supreme Court last week overturned Roe v. Wade, eliminating the constitutional right to an abortion after almost 50 years.

It’s a massive increase given that just 13 abortions were scheduled by Arizona women during the corresponding four-day period one week earlier.

The influx of appointments from Arizona has increased the overall number of abortions to be performed by the Planned Parenthood Southwest clinics by 77%.


Some, the physician said, are starting to arrive without appointments. One woman, she said, arrived at a local clinic close to the San Diego International Airport from Arizona.

“She had done all of her research and looked at abortion clinics that could serve her closest to an airport,” Marengo said. “She came very humbly and said, ‘I understand that I have the means to travel by air, I’m able to take the time off work, I’m able to pay for this abortion, and I see the gravity of knowing that so many folks don’t have that option.’”

Posted by Demovictory9 | Fri Jul 1, 2022, 02:28 PM (1 replies)

Breaking -2 Kentucky cops and k9 dog killed. 5 cops injured. Shootout with domestic violence suspect


At least two Kentucky cops and a K9 are killed and five more officers are injured in shootout with domestic violence suspect, 49, who barricaded himself inside home with wife and daughter

Lance Storz, 49, opened fire on deputies in Allen, Kentucky, off US 23, when they tried serving a court-issued warrant on a domestic violence incident on Thursday at around 5 p.m., police said.

Storz, appeared before a judge via video on Friday morning. He has been charged with attempted murder, two counts of murder of a police officer and a first-degree assault on a service animal. A judge has set his bond at $10 million, WKYT reported.

Alabama tries to apply abortion ban to other realms (to ban transgender medication)

mONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Days after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states can prohibit abortion, Alabama has seized on the decision to argue that the state should also be able to ban gender-affirming medical treatments for transgender youths.

The case marks one of the first known instances in which a conservative state has tried to apply the abortion ruling to other realms, just as LGBTQ advocates and others were afraid would happen.

Critics have expressed fear that the legal reasoning behind the high court ruling could lead to a rollback of decisions involving such matters as gay marriage, birth control and parental rights.

The state is asking a federal appeals court to lift an injunction and let it enforce an Alabama law that would make it a felony to give puberty blockers or hormones to transgender minors to help affirm their gender identity.

Posted by Demovictory9 | Fri Jul 1, 2022, 04:39 AM (0 replies)

Rep DesJarlais has gone silent since Roe fell - Mr. 'abortions for my mistress and wife but not you'

But in the din of countless statements, tweets, and posts that Republicans released praising the end of Roe v. Wade, there was a conspicuous silence from one: Rep. Scott DesJarlais.

It’s not that the Tennessee Republican opposed the court’s decision. He campaigned on anti-abortion policy, proudly called himself “100 percent” anti-abortion, and is a member of the hard-right House Freedom Caucus.

It just might be that DesJarlais isn’t exactly the best messenger on this particular topic.


He won a seat in Congress anyway. Then, just before the 2012 election, HuffPost reported that DesJarlais had in 2000 pressured his mistress—who also happened to be a patient in his medical practice—to get an abortion after she became pregnant.

According to the transcript that was obtained of DesJarlais’ call with his mistress, he told her, “well, we’ve got to do something soon. And you’ve even got to admit that because the clock is ticking, right?”

At another point, DesJarlais said, “if we need to go to Atlanta, or whatever, to get this solved and get it over with so we can get on with our lives, then let's do it.”

But DesJarlais won that 2012 race, too, and two weeks after election day, local press obtained the full record of his divorce proceedings with his ex-wife. Under oath, the future congressman testified that he’d had at least six sexual relationships outside marriage—all with people connected to his medical practice—and that his wife had two abortions herself.

Posted by Demovictory9 | Fri Jul 1, 2022, 04:30 AM (5 replies)

Kansas racist gets 27 months in federal prison.

A Kansas man was sentenced on Wednesday to two years and three months in federal prison after threatening a Black man with a knife because of his race in order to intimidate him and interfere with his right to fair housing, the Department of Justice said.

Colton Donner, 27, had been driving through a residential area of Paola, Kansas, on Sept. 11, 2019, when he saw the victim, a Black man, walking on a sidewalk, authorities said in a news release.

Donner stopped, got out of the car and approached the victim, brandishing a knife, according to the release. He then threatened the victim, yelling racial slurs at him and saying Paola was a "white town," the Justice Department said, citing court documents.

It wasn’t clear if the man was looking for a home at the time of the incident.


He will serve his time at the federal prison in Florence, Colorado, “to facilitate family connections as the defendant believes that this facility will be closest to family based on the expected security classification,” according to his case file.

“Racially-motivated threats and violence have no place in our society today,” Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke said in the DOJ news release. “This sentence should send a strong message to perpetrators of violent hate-fueled acts that they will be held accountable for their crimes. Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure living in their communities, without being subject to racially-motivated crimes seeking to drive them from their homes or neighborhoods.”

Posted by Demovictory9 | Fri Jul 1, 2022, 04:20 AM (3 replies)

Family questions DPD's response after kids found alive days after parents killed in apartment

kids three years old and 8 months old.

The Dallas Police Department (DPD) said the couple may have been killed Sunday night.

WFAA has learned from sources that on Sunday a neighbor called 911 at 11:58 p.m. She told police she heard four shots, followed by banging and what sounded like fighting. But officers weren’t assigned the call until nearly two hours later at 1:45 a.m., and officers didn’t get to the apartment until nearly 2 a.m. Officers knocked on the door and left.


"Responding officers knocked on the door several times, and announced themselves as police. Officers also listened at the door for sounds coming from inside the apartment and didn’t hear anyone inside. There was no sign of a forced entry into the apartment,” said Dallas Police Department spokesperson Kristen Lowman.

Sources said police went back to the apartment on Wednesday, when a neighbor called and said the oldest child was walking around outside and they stopped to ask her where her parents were. She led them to the apartment.

David Stewart's mother wonders what if police had found them sooner.

"Did they just immediately pass away? Or did they suffer for a day? Or bleed to death? I don’t know. But I feel like if the police and ambulance would have gotten there, maybe they could have at least gotten them to the hospital,” said Latoya.

DPD said when the call came in Sunday night, they had more than a dozen other "priority 2" calls already holding and responded as soon as there were officers available.

Posted by Demovictory9 | Fri Jul 1, 2022, 04:00 AM (3 replies)

Video of yesterdays bison attack

account of how "crisis pregnancy centers' fake women out

•Posted by
17 hours ago
I made a fake appointment booking to my local pregnancy crisis center. Obviously I don’t plan to turn up, and I’ve wasted one of their booking slots.
I’m doing my part. I am angry at the Supreme Court ruling. But I am powerless to change laws.

However I am not powerless to screw over these disgusting pregnancy clinics that guilt and manipulate vulnerable women into giving birth, collect pregnancy data of teenagers and now pass them on to anti-choice prosecutors.

Every fake appointment I make is one less appointment that can be made on their website. I want to waste their time. I want to muddle their data. I want to make it harder for them to source their patients. I’m doing my part.


Edit: make sure to never use your real data if you plan on doing this. Always fake emails, names, numbers etc.

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level 1
14 hr. ago
When I was 8 weeks with my first I had some bleeding. Couldn’t get in to an OB because they don’t give a fuck about you prior to the 12 week mark. So I went to one of these centers because my mom said they’d give me an ultrasound and was railed with stupid ass questions about if I planned to keep my baby. They then told me they could schedule an ultrasound for me at the 16 week mark.

So I sat there for a fucking hour being asked about my religious affiliations and grilling me on my abortion stance, only to find out they actually didn’t care about the baby either, they just didn’t want me to abort.

Fucking hate those assholes. He’s fine by the way. Three now.

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14 hr. ago
Typical. They can schedule an ultrasound ...after it's not possible to get an abortion in that state. It's just a delaying tactic. I read that another tactic is to tell a woman she's about to miscarry so she doesn't need an abortion, all to get her to delay until it's too late.


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11 hr. ago
Gets worse. One woman’s story:
“The ‘crisis pregnancy center’ in my town is awful. They try to make you have the baby partly by promising you all kinds of resources to help you take care of the baby. Once the baby is born, they ghost you. They give you nothing. I had a friend who thought they would help her with an abortion and I went with her as support. They promised her a car seat, baby clothes, formula (because breastfeeding is perverted and "good Christian women" don't expose their bodies to their children at any time ever), even a "small stipend" to help with the baby expenses after it is born. I went with her when she went in and asked where the stuff they promised is. They flat out said that they will say anything to convince a woman to have a child. They will promise any and everything but as soon as they are "successful" - meaning the child is born - they don't have to follow through. That was explained to us by the people working at the place. They were so smug about getting their way and keeping her from having an abortion. They also told her that it didn't matter if they lied to "whores" and only women who are whores want abortions.


man pushes 11 year old off bike. "did you grow up in CT, no?, then get the fuck out of my town"

Herschel Walker's son calls women who support abortion rights fat, ugly, and undesirable

Self-proclaimed “free-speech radicalist”, gay MAGA troll, and anti-abortion activist Christian Walker has been absolutely giddy since Roe v. Wade was overturned last week.

The former competitive cheerleader, who believes Black people are “more racist” than white people and objects to being called “gay”, preferring to be called “a conservative who likes men”, could hardly contain his excitement on Twitter:

After the announcement was made, Walker, who has at least three siblings but no uterus, posted a video on Instagram telling pro-choice Americans to shut up and deal with it.

“Letting states decide for themselves whether they want abortion illegal, that’s democracy,” the 22-year-old falsely stated, adding, “Not everybody wants demonic abortion in their state. And if you hate your child that much, take yourself to a blue state. We’re not doing it in red states!”

We should note that Walker lives in California, which is a blue state.


Walker made similar remarks last month when the Dobbs draft leaked and he said pro-choice women should abstain from eating fast food rather than sex.

“All of the pro-choice women saying they’re going on a “sex-strike” look like they need to go on a strike from Burger King,” he tweeted.
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