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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 04:28 PM
Number of posts: 2,557

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Oath Keeper and Trump-supporting traitor forced his wife to be a stripper

Oath Keeper and Trump-supporting traitor Stewart Rhodes forced his conservative Morman wife to be a stripper to put him through school

Adams’ family had set aside money for her to go to college, but after their wedding Rhodes decided he should be the first to attend school. He told her she would need to quit her job teaching ballroom and country dancing and instead support them both by working full time as a stripper so he could focus on doing an excellent job in school, according to Adams. They married, but she found stripping degrading and it clashed with her conservative Mormon upbringing, she said.

“Every night the drive was just so bad. I would just throw up every single night before I went in, it was just so awful,” Adams said. Rhodes would pressure her to go further, increase her exposure or contact with men to make more money, she said. “It was never enough ... I felt like I had given up my soul.”


When a racist doesn't really "get it"

The GOP announce their agenda for America

DeSantis human trafficking stunt in a nutshell

Ron DeSantis's Cruel Treatment of Migrants Is the Future of GOP Policymaking

The Republican Party’s platform is all about trolling the libs.

But one of DeSantis’s achievements in his study of the Trumpian arts stands out above the rest. The Florida governor has, perhaps better than anyone in the contemporary GOP, mastered Trump’s main innovation: shitposting as policymaking. He has wrangled with Disney, one of his state’s most important employers, over made-up culture-war beefs about inclusivity and “wokeness.” On Thursday, he arguably took things further than ever, by flying dozens of asylum-seeking migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.


There is no actual point to DeSantis’s actions beyond weaponizing his own petulance—and the fervent hope that somewhere, even if it’s just online, some libs will be triggered. It’s a policy that accomplishes nothing beyond doing a grave indecency to some needful human beings for the sake of a live-action troll job. Its only point is to garner some attention from the Fox News set by portraying people who are merely seeking safety and economic security as violent criminals and traffickers. The 50-some migrants who were spirited away are just pawns in a political stunt aimed at raising DeSantis’s profile as presidential primary season nears.


I think the GOP's human trafficking stunt is backfiring

when none political people start to get outraged


How heartless, inhumane, and non-Christian does one have to be to use poor desperate people

as political props to promote your anti-American politcal agenda?

Seriously, how immoral are DeSantis and Abbott? One really has to wonder if they qualify as human

Self Made

You still have the right to choose

What would happen if Jesus attended a MAGA rally

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