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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 04:28 PM
Number of posts: 2,557

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In the history of the US has there ever been a President that expressed "hatred" for one state?

burned beyond recognition

and now a word from Yoda

The Anti-American Trump cult is robbing us of our right to...

The anti-American trump cults are robbing us of the right

to vote

to be Muslim and not be discriminated against

to be part of the LGBT community and not be discriminated against

To join a union to fight for your rights as a worker

to breath clean air and drink clean water

to not have your planet destroyed by global warming

to have healthcare

to be a minority and not be discriminated against or worse killed by the police

to have your rights protected by our court system

to not be killed by criminals and crazies armed with firearms

The deleted scene from Home Alone 2

Leaked audio: Trump adviser says Republicans 'traditionally' rely on voter suppression

MADISON, WIS. -- MADISON, Wis. -- One of U.S. President Donald Trump's top re-election advisers told influential Republicans in swing state Wisconsin that the party has "traditionally" relied on voter suppression to compete in battleground states but will be able to "start playing offence" in 2020 due to relaxed Election Day rules, according to an audio recording of a private event obtained by The Associated Press.

"Traditionally it's always been Republicans suppressing votes in places," Justin Clark, a senior political adviser and senior counsel to Trump's re-election campaign, said at the event. "Let's start protecting our voters. We know where they are. ... Let's start playing offence a little bit. That's what you're going to see in 2020. It's going to be a much bigger program, a much more aggressive program, a much better-funded program."

Asked about the remarks by AP, Clark said he was referring to false accusations that the GOP engages in voter suppression


Police: Des Moines woman ran down teen with SUV because victim was Hispanic

Source: Des Moines Register

A Des Moines woman told authorities she hit a teenage girl with her car because the victim was Hispanic, according to court records.

Nicole Marie Poole Franklin, 42, is charged with attempted murder for allegedly running down a 14-year-old on Dec. 9 as the girl walked to Indian Hills Junior High School, Clive police say. The Des Moines woman is being held at the Polk County Jail.

Franklin is accused of driving her 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee off the roadway in the 9200 block of Indian Hills Drive at Indian Hills Junior High School onto a sidewalk where the victim was walking, according to a criminal complaint.

Read more: https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/crime-and-courts/2019/12/20/iowa-crime-attempted-murder-charge-nicole-marie-poole-franklin-allegedy-ran-down-hispanic-teen/2708960001/?fbclid=IwAR2_LM1Kg3S4tD66eaBKqgZ49pD-oqmSHLDWlz1ymGMcD3b-b5B5l1v3BHg

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' historic achievement

never mind

A sharpie can turn trump's lies into the truth

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