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The Trump cult when they have to pick between God and Trump

Freepers are interesting test subjects. They posted the article where Rev Pat Robertson says it's time for Trump to move on. That puts the Freepers in a conflict between their phony religious values and their worship of Trump. Some of the comments are quite telling

]Trump fights because of traitors like Pat Robertson.


Bye bye Pat. Guess that you didn’t realize that the majority of Christians in your parish are conservative and support the Prez. Looks like you will lose a lot of them and their money. I will be donating else ware. IMHO


Amazing how Trump separates the goats from the sheep, the tares from the wheat, the pigs from...

“Robertson proceeded to thank Trump for his tenure, saying Trump had “done a marvelous job for the economy” but adding that he was “very erratic, and he’s fired people and he’s fought people and he’s insulted people, and he keeps going down the line.”

Obama (or any other President) never fired anyone? Obama never insulted people? Obama never contested an election he was involved in?

Robertson proving himself to be the lying, corrupt, reprobate he has always been.


Uh Pat sweetheart! Do you believe in honesty? Do you believe in fairness? Do you believe in cheating? If you do believe in all of those things and still think that Trump should lay down and submit then you are an idiot. If you don’t believe in them then you have no business being in the job that you have today. Either way, you are sadly wrong Pat.


Pat, you ignorant slut


That’s the devil talking and he doesn’t realize it!


(here is one of their many racist members responding to Robert's comments about Trump insulting people)

obama insults me every morning he wakes. I am insulted by the son of a bitch every day he remains above ground.


And yet,amazingly, more people distance themselves from Pat Robertson than Donald Trump. Go figure...


Who owns the 700 Club and network which carries them? I would have to follow the money.


What a stooge . . . always has been . . . . Wonder how much the Rats paid him?????


Pat Robertson is a wicked false prophet.

Execute the Bible judgment against him.

There is a sample of the sick anti-American cult that supports Donald Trump. They like to think themselves religious but they are nothing but hypocrites who clearly put their cult leader Donald Trump ahead of God


Trump moved cyber security budget to pay for his wall before major hacking assault

Speaking to MSNBC on Thursday about a report published in Politico that revealed that hackers accessed systems at the National Nuclear Security Administration, Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI deputy director for counterintelligence, said that the reason such attacks are occurring is that the budget for cybersecurity under the Trump administration had been squeezed in order to prioritise other things.

“Make no mistake, our nation is under attack and it appears to be ongoing,” said Mr Figliuzzi. “How does something like this happen of this magnitude? Where 300,000 clients of a private company are potentially impacted including the most sensitive agencies in our government, it is because the Russias were able to find a single point of failure in our supply chain.”

“Meaning this product that comes from SolarWinds is a network management product used by too many, quite frankly, of all government agencies and too many of our top telecommunications companies. Ten of which were compromised as far as we know — so far. So, it is a larger issue, Nicolle, of supply chain management.”


Biden on a hot mic tells Kamala Harris about how amazing their supporters are.


Director of White House security has leg amputated following severe Covid-19 complications

The director of the White House security office has spent more than three months in hospital following a Covid-19 diagnosis, which caused him to lose a toe on his left foot and his whole right foot and lower leg, according to a family friend helping to raise $50,000 for his mounting healthcare costs.

As first reported by Bloomberg, Crede Bailey was among officials connected to cluster outbreaks at the White House that began in September; roughly 50 staffers and officials – including Donald Trump, who was hospitalised for three days – have tested positive for the disease caused by the coronavirus.

“Crede beat Covid-19 but it came at a significant cost: his big toe on his left foot as well as his right foot and lower leg had to be amputated,” according to a 7 December update from Dawn McCrobie, who organised a GoFundMe campaign to assist with healthcare costs.

The campaign has raised more than $37,000, as of Monday. He is “doing well – he is working hard on himself and is anxious to return home as soon as he is physically able,” according to an update posted on 14 December.


What happened to the Wisconsin Supreme Court case?

I hear Wisconsin has assigned their electoral college voters. What happened to the case before their Supreme Court?

The Constitution has an answer for seditious members of Congress

The reasoning here is very simple. All members of Congress swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, which establishes a republican form of government. The whole point of a republic is that contests for power are conducted through a framework of rules and democratic elections, where all parties agree to respect the result whether they lose or win. Moreover, the premise of this lawsuit was completely preposterous — arguing in effect that states should not be allowed to set their own election rules if that means more Democrats can vote — and provides no evidence whatsoever for false allegations of tens of thousands of instances of voter fraud. Indeed, several of the representatives who support the lawsuit were themselves just elected by the very votes they now say are fraudulent. The proposed remedy — having Republican-dominated legislatures in only the four states that gave Biden his margin of victory select Trump electors — would be straight-up election theft.

In other words, this lawsuit, even though it didn't succeed, is a flagrant attempt to overturn the constitutional system and impose through authoritarian means the rule of a corrupt criminal whose doltish incompetence has gotten hundreds of thousands of Americans killed. It is a "seditious abuse of the judicial process," as the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin jointly wrote in their response to Texas trying to steal their elections.

The Constitution, as goofy and jerry-rigged as it is, stipulates that insurrectionists who violate their oath are not allowed to serve in Congress. Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, written to exclude Confederate Civil War traitors, says that "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress … who … having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress … to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same[.]" How the Supreme Court ruled, or whether Republicans actually believe their lunatic claims, is irrelevant. It's still insurrection even if it doesn't work out.

Democrats would have every right, both under the Constitution and under the principle of popular sovereignty outlined in the Declaration of Independence, to convene a traitor-free Congress (also including similar acts committed by Republican senators like Lindsey Graham, David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler, and others), and pass such laws as would be necessary to preserve the American republic. That might include a national popular vote to decide the presidency, ironclad voting rights protections, a ban on gerrymandering either national or state district boundaries, full representation for the citizens of D.C. and Puerto Rico, regulations on internet platforms that are inflaming violent political extremism, a clear legal framework for the transfer of power that ends the lame duck period, and so on. States would be forced to agree to these measures before they can replace their traitorous representatives and senators. If the Supreme Court objects, more pro-democracy justices can be added.


Michigan AG Accuses Republicans Supporting Trump Lawsuits of Violating Their Oaths of Office

Sadly there are some here at DU who fully support what the Republican's attempted illegal coup and claim what they did was legal and ethical. This lawyer knows that is BS

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat, accused Republican lawmakers backing lawsuits attempting to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's election victory in favor of President Donald Trump of violating their oaths of office.

The Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit filed by Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton to overturn the election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on Friday. More than 100 GOP members of the House of Representatives—including four from Michigan—signed an amicus brief in support of the Texas lawsuit. Additionally, 15 Republican state lawmakers in Michigan backed Paxton's brief.

"These are individuals who, in my opinion, have violated their oaths of office. And have sought to, in order to appease a demagogue, they've chosen Donald Trump over democracy and over their constituents," Nessel told the Detroit Free Press in a Saturday interview.

"And of course I certainly don't understand how it's possible that you could think that you won an election when you were on the same ballot that you claim to be fraudulent, in terms of who was elected at the top of the ticket. It's just nonsensical, I don't understand it at all. You're undermining your own elections," she said.


The "statistical" expert cited in the Texas lawsuit doesn't even have a degree in statistics

Cicchetti studied at the United States Air Force Academy from 1961 to 1964 and received a bachelor's degree in economics from Colorado College in 1965. He received a PhD in economics from Rutgers University in 1969.[1]


The rank hypocrisy of the Texas AG's election case

(CNN)Ken Paxton is a lawman being chased by the law. And when the Texas Republican attorney general filed a suit on Tuesday with the US Supreme Court on behalf of his state, he also became an even more rank hypocrite.

Paxton, who has been indicted on securities fraud and accused by top aides of bribery, abuse of office and other potentially criminal offenses -- charges that he has denied -- argued that a handful of battleground states destroyed the integrity of the 2020 election vote totals. He insists the US Constitution was violated by allowing their legislatures to make last-minute changes that ignored federal electoral regulations.

Earlier in the campaign, Paxton played a key role in President Donald Trump's fight against expanding mail-in ballots. Now Paxton's plea to the Court is that Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia must be found to have used the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to manipulate outcomes.

If that argument has merit, he ought to have included his home state in the lawsuit.
Texas' Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott extended early voting by a week and expanded the period in which mail-in ballots could be hand-delivered. "Using his emergency authority because of the pandemic," Glenn Smith, a Texas Democratic political consultant, told me, "our governor accomplished exactly what his attorney general is saying other states did, improperly. Nonsense. None of this harmed the presidential election. It helped turnout."


A nice top 10 list

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