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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 04:28 PM
Number of posts: 2,557

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I was on this afternoon's CDC media conference call

Trump's censorship was readily apparent. The quality of the information provided and the fake messaging ruined what was once a valuable messaging tool during times of public health crises

Listening to the CDC people speak reminded me of listening to a prisoner of war speak or someone who had been kidnapped speak.

So salty

The winning never stops with Donald Trump

The US should be screening people returning from Italy and South Korea but we are not

Apparently Trump values good PR more than protecting the American public

Why Trump is in a panic over Coronavirus

No doubt he has been told that this virus is going to tank the world (and the US) economy. This conman knows that if you take away the booming economy that President Obama left him, all he has left is being a really really really terrible person.

Nevada Republican activist says he caucused for Sanders

PAHRUMP — Chuck Muth, a Nevada GOP activist wearing a Keep America Great hat, said Saturday he had re-registered as a Democrat last weekend and marked Sen. Bernie Sanders as his first choice on an early voting ballot.

The day before the Feb. 11 New Hampshire primary, President Donald Trump suggested Republicans might want to cross over and “vote for the weakest candidate possible of the Democrats” — but by the time Trump made that remark, the deadline to register for the primary had passed.

Nevada’s Democratic Party, however, allows same-day registration for the caucus — which Democrats have credited with expanding the number of registered Democrats in the Silver State. The party said in a news release that 10,000 people had signed up for the Democratic Party during four days of early voting.


This is a reason to increase one's concern about the Cornavirus

I don't like to share a lot of personal information online and I am mindful that people can be anyone they want online. That said, I work in public health emergency preparedness and my work has been involved in the coronavirus issue locally.

When friends ask me if they should be concerned about the Coronavirus, I said what for an outbreak to take hold in another nation outside of China.

China has public health powers we in the US could only dream of (perhaps nightmares) and they seemed to be reasonably successful using their draconian powers and actions to contain the virus. It seemed like the best case, the disease would be more or less contained to China and the cruise ship from hell with other nations seeing a few isolated cases that they were able to contain.

Now this news from Korea is quite concerning as it seems the disease has effectively broken out of China and is now taking root in South Korea as well.


This news has me quite concerned. I don't think it guarantees a pandemic, but it sure moves things much closer to that situation, much closer. It doesn't help that the disease involves a cult-like religion as cults tend to distrust authority which is not a good thing when you are trying to limit the spread of a contagious disease.

I am anticipating travel restrictions similar to China's applying to South Korea in the near future.

They all have flaws, but...

Putin couldn't have done it better if he had done it himself

The Coronavirus will have a huge negative impact on the world economy

We are quietly hearing disjointed reports that are indicating the negative economic impact of the virus

- international conferences canceled

- airlines and cruise ships taking it on the chin

- massive impact on China's economy

- shortage of products and critical supplies in other nations that are sourced in China

- a hard hit on the tourism trade worldwide that counts on a hefty contribution from Chinese tourists

All of these things will add up and lead to a cascading effect that will plunge the world wide economy into a tailspin. Expect it to start when the next round of earnings reports start to come in.
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