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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 04:28 PM
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Truer words have not been written

America has marched drunkenly into the gutter of what could be termed cultural democracy a pathological condition in which all opinions are equal, and to argue otherwise invites accusations of snobbery, pretentiousness and down-the-nose contempt for the "forgotten man."...

The true villain in a cultural democracy is the intellectual. The intellectual insists on standards of evidence, reason and logic when attempting to reach a conclusion regarding a matter of social import. She undermines the dogma that all nonsense is created equal, which renders her (or indeed him) unfit for participation in the increasingly masochistic rituals of liberty.



On a weekend where we are paying tribute to those that sacrificed everything for our nation...

... we are witnessing people who won't even suffer the slightest inconvenience for our country.

This Memorial Day the greatest and the worst

How dare you threaten my freedoms!!!!

We didn't flatten the curve, we suppressed the stupid

Who wore it better?

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