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Member since: Sun Jul 8, 2018, 04:28 PM
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The right-wing push for people to buy gold has started up again

during the Obama era, right-winger propaganda networks and commercials pushed buying gold. They did that because they know the more money is invested in gold the worse it is for the economy (since money invested in gold does nothing to help the economy and actually hurts since that capital could be used to create jobs and goods and services).

The push to buy gold stopped under Trump but now that Biden is president it's started back up. Heard Bill O'Reilly on a commercial telling everyone to put their money into gold.

The poster girl for right-wing/GOP/Trump cult hypocrisy

The Freepers know that Trump is a crook and a tax cheat

their responses to the SCOTUS ruling allowing Trump's tax returns to be seen are apocalyptic. They know he is a criminal and they are very very angry that his crimes will see the light of day.

Sadly we have reached the point where Freepers and the anti-American Trump cult can be called "evil" and it's not hyperbole.

I don't know what the solution is, but this is, far and away, the biggest long term threat to our nation

I think that this was the logical conclusion of what happens to a nation that is bombarded 24X7 by misinformation from the anti-American right-wing propaganda/hate machine

Why can we drive a robot on Mars but can't turn a light on in Texas?

Scientists ran the Mars mission

Republicans run Texas

The Catholic league says the man who mocked the deaths of Aids victims was a "gift from God"

You want proof that religion doesn't make you moral, ethical or even a good person


Rush Limbaugh Spent His Lifetime Speaking Ill of the Dead

Conventional etiquette dictates that we do not speak ill of the dead. But Rush Limbaugh isn’t just any dead guy.

He’s a dead guy who made himself a multimillionaire many times over by targeting immigrants, women who use birth control, the preteen daughters of politicians, the Obamas, rape survivors, environmentalists, gay people, Asians, Latinos, Black people, and feminists. He popularized the term “feminazi,” a word that stupid assholes fling at women who won’t fuck them to this very day. He said that white people can’t be blamed for slavery, as they have done more than anybody else to end slavery. He mocked the intelligence of Black athletes and villainized the ones who protested against police brutality.

Twenty-five years ago, the great Molly Ivins noticed Limbaugh’s schtick of targeting “dead people, little girls, and the homeless,” an act that only accelerated as he approached the end of his life and his own death approached. He spoke ill of people who died of AIDS, of people who died by suicide, of people who were dying of Parkinson’s disease, and unarmed Black children who were murdered under racist pretenses


County GOP- 'We did not send him there to do the right thing or whatever'

A number of local parties in the presidential battleground state have already moved to censure Toomey, even before the vote over the weekend.

In Washington County, GOP chairman Dave Ball said party members felt betrayed by Toomey and voted last week to censure the senator.

“We did not send him there to vote his conscience. We did not send him there to do ‘the right thing’ or whatever he said he was doing.

LOL! Donald Trump probably needed a new TV after throwing the remote through his old one


The GOP is the party of Lincoln but also...

What is the difference between MAGA and ISIS?

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