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MAGA loves the new Afghanistan

GOP takes down 2020 page touting Trump's 'historic peace agreement with the Taliban'

One of the few areas of foreign policy President Biden and former President Donald Trump agreed on was ending the two-decade-long war in Afghanistan. With the Taliban's effective capture of Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, it appears the war is over two weeks before Biden's deadline, with a chaotic final rush to the exit. Biden is standing by his decision to pull out U.S. forces and contractors, but the Republican Party appears to be tiptoeing backward from Trump's role.

The Republican National Committee has removed a page from the 2020 campaign that says "Biden has had a history of pushing for endless wars" while "Trump has continued to take the lead in peace talks as he signed a historic peace agreement with the Taliban in Afghanistan, which would end America's longest war," The Washington Post's David Weigel noted Sunday.


Turns out the racist GOP is screaming about less than 1 Covid infected immigrant per day

I ran the math to see how the GOP's "it's the filthy disease-ridden immigrants" clams held up when you looked at the numbers/facts

Well, the first stat I had is that there was an estimated 210,000 border crossings in July or 6774 per day.


Now let us look at infection rates


That site has a map and you can hover over a country to get its infection rater per million people.

Mexico is 129.4 per million people.

Now apply that infection rate to the 6542 people crossing the border each day and we get

.88 Covid positive undocumented immigrants per day.

That's right the GOP and the people claiming this is a massive problem are making this big deal over less than 1 person a day. Now compare that to the 100,000+ new cases we are seeing in the US on many recent days, I see the GOP is guilty of deception intended to play on people's racism and racial fears.

The racist GOP claiming Covid from brown-skinned

People is worse than the Covid they are spewing. That will play to their racist base but not the rest of America

Vaccinated Americans via @KFF poll

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