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Member since: Sun Sep 23, 2018, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 4,448

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the incorruptable saints

we had a thread yesterday about st Theresa, in which I realized that three saints by that name are incorruptible. st Theresa of lissoux ("the little flower", my grandmother's favorite, did not even make this list


in fact, this miracle(?) phenomenon(?) while far from common, there are more incorruptables than I had thought possible.

st Cecelia, a 2nd century roman martyr, appears to be rxtant after all these years.

an English king (Edward the confessor) is incorruptible.

st veronica was finally immersed in a flood, and reduced to bones, except for her heart which remains incorruptible.

has anyone seen one of these miracles? are all the incorruptables catholic or do other cultures produce examples. is this truly a miracle or can science explain?

ransomware attack on louisiana state computers

I need more info but the governor said that the cybersecurity team is on top of ot and that it should not effect the election results.

ransom amount was not mentioned.

congratulations gov john bel edwards

50%-50% but most of the precincts which have not reported are in orleans and east baton rouge, so I am confident that I can now relax for the 1st time in months.

i'm off to work at the election today

the governor needs your vote. the repubs already have their supermajority legislature. only gov Edwards can slow them down.

please turn out and bring your friends and family.

elrction nov 16. early voting starts saturday.

please come out and vote for our governor, john bel Edwards. and please remind all your democratic friends.

the debate between edwards and rispone underlined the difference.

we really can not allow this mini trump to lead his super majorities into ruining the accomplishments of the past 4 years.

dumbest rwnj tweet of the day .........


is the foreign aid to ukraine important to usa vital interests?

if so. with holding the money is contrary to usa vital interests.

if not, why is it in the budget?

repub propaganda that democrats refuse to ban gangs from gun ownership

under "red flag" laws.


if the repubs want to ban gang members from owning guns, I think we should agree with them. of course, Sicilian, irish and other "white" gangs must be included.

note : posted in right wing propaganda group. their intent seems to be to resist "red flag" laws, which we must not allow them to blame us for.

greenland : why we fight

the inuit chief is a brutal dictator who whips his dogs and makes his wife chew seal blubber. their dog sleds are melting the glaciers and they eat endangered species.

remember the titanic!

recall petition of california governor

why are they doing this? because they can. by republican standards we really should impeach trump. here are newsome's "crimes."

"Governor Gavin Newsom has violated the trust of California residents in four major areas:

Health care for illegal aliens. He seeks to make California taxpayers pay for the health care of criminal lawbreakers who entered our nation illegally at a starting cost of over $100 million. This policy will serve as a magnet to attract thousands more illegal immigrants to California which will lead to skyrocketing costs and additional burdens on physicians and hospitals.

Tax increases. Despite a massive budget surplus of $21 billion, he proposes more than $2 billion in additional taxes on the people of California, including a water tax. California already has the highest taxes in the nation which are driving away our best residents and businesses.

Homelessness. He has allowed our major cities to be overrun by homelessness, creating a threat to public health and hygiene and leading to Third World-like conditions and diseases in places like Los Angeles and San Francisco

Sanctuary State & Cities. He has violated and subverted federal immigration law by encouraging “Sanctuary State” and city policies that shield criminal illegal aliens from law enforcement and immigration authorities, including vicious and brutal MS-13 gang members. "

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