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Member since: Sun Sep 23, 2018, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 4,800

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incredible rain in new orleans this morning

this is worse than many hurricanes.

if it keeps up we may all be doomed.

the "citizen" question on the census

aren't they really going to find that those agricultural counties, the red counties, are full of non citizens. this might shift more congressional districts to the urban centers.

vice president called to washington for "unspecified emergency."


I really hate to pray for something like that. if prayer is answered I will pray rosary as atonement ……..

are (were?) the barbie and ken dolls "abatomically correct"

i'm asking for a friend. no, really.

and, was ken technically an "action figure?"

is climate change humanity's #1 crisis?

before you answer, consider that the codes which launch mutually assured destruction are controlled by trump.

rip dr john

"hey, queen, ya got a diet coke?

I had enough tea with that emperor fella. "

game of thrones rant w/ spoiler

that's it? all the great warriors. witches, pirates, and sinister politicians are dead? the guy who was resurrected from the dead save the world is exiled back to guarding a freaking wall against a zombie army that was totally destroyed weeks ago?

but just a word about the new king ..... his brand new grace has done nothing since episode one except get pushed out of a window. maybe he gets driven around in a wheel barrow and has a few surreal nightmares. great. is the moral of the story "don't kill thouands of innocent people?" i knew that before this show started.

got : who is gonna die tonight?

tyrion, sam, and dragonmom seem safe enough.

john snow, i don't know, dragonmom seems like the old girl friend who slashed my tires and broke my headlights and hell, i wasn't even related to her.

could any of the people who died last week come back. the mountain seems like a good candidate.

could bran possibly warg into drogon and barbeque dragonmom?

brienne seems ready for a tragic death. what a great character!

the case for john bel edwards

i was crucified i "heartbear abortion" thread on this one, but i must defend my governor.

this is no surprise here. edwards ran as anti abortion, and barely won over bobby jindal’s chosen sucessor “diaper dave” vitter. there is no question that vitter, or jindal, or any louisiana republican would gleefully sign this or worse. any louisiana democrat outside orleans parish would sign this as well, but there are few elected democrats outside orleans parish and east baton rouge except edwards.

a veto of the bill would be over ridden. repubs have near supermajorities in the legislature, and most of the democrats are social conservatives including ministers. there are no moderate republicans. not on this issue.

edwards faces a jungle primary in october. he might come in second but maybe not. if he vetoes this bill he is certainly no better than third. in that case 2 conservative republicans (one congresscritter and one “businessman” )will have a runoff to see who can promise to be more incredibly conservative.

the place to defeat this is in the courts, until we can, with edwards’ leadership, build enough of a party to civilize this savage 3rd world frontier.

edwards has been good on economics (with no help ftom the legislature), he extended medicaid, and (against rabid opposition from the end timers) approved an optional “real id” we have had several natural disasters and a police shooting that could have been mich worse without adult leadership.

my final argument : john bel edwards does not appear to be corrupt. perhaps our first ever.
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