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Member since: Sun Sep 23, 2018, 11:57 AM
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living better with technology?

well, i don't know. this popped up on my feed. the numbers seem incredible so i have to ask, do this many people have sex robots?

even worse. how the fell did their algorithm make them send me this information?
To explore the industry further, the publication analyzed the percentage of people who own a sexbot worldwide, and it may be more than you think. Bedbible’s research found that a whopping 17.2% of people worldwide own or have had sex with a sexbot. The gender demographics were very similar with 17.8% of men and 16.5% of women who own or have had sex with a mechanical human.


i'd better check the old lady's search history. maybe i'm about to be replaced .....

a1 hit wonder from a time before rep frost was born

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