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Scottie Mom

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Home country: USA
Member since: Thu Sep 27, 2018, 03:11 PM
Number of posts: 5,007

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When you thought your racist dreams were gonna come true...

...and this happened instead...


...it's called KARMA!

1970's Hot Fashion Items


OMG...I'm old enough to remember this! And...it looks worse than I remember!!!!







How sad...what our nation has become...

What a difference one letter makes


What time is the debate tonight?

What channels are carrying it?


The House Is Already Losing at Least 11 Republicans--And That Number Could Rise

There are now a total of eight Republicans who are retiring in 2020, including Rep. Susan Brooks of Indiana and Rep. Rob Woodall of Georgia. Rep. Tom Marino also resigned from his post in January—just two weeks after being sworn in. (He was replaced by another Republican in a special election, Rep. Fred Keller.)


While in some cases the seats of the departing members are solidly Republican, others could potentially sway Democrat—which doesn’t bode well for the already underrepresented Grand Old Party in the House. What’s more, just three Democrats have announced their retirement from the House thus far: Rep. Jose Serrano, Rep. Dave Loebsack, and Rep. Ben Ray Lujan.

The departure of Roby and Brooks is also particularly concerning for the Republican Party, as the number of Republican women serving in the House will drop to just 11—compared to 89 female Democrats.

The announcements, while early, are by no means uncommon. People decide not to seek re-election every cycle—the main difference is that Republicans appear to be doing so in greater numbers than Democrats in the House in recent years. Thirty-four Republicans—compared to 18 Democrats—chose not to run again for their House seats in 2018, contributing to the majority changing hands from the former to the latter. 20 Republicans did not seek re-election in 2016, compared to eight Democrats. That figure reached 25 for Republicans in 2014 and 16 for Democrats.


It seems we Dems are in good shape to keep the House -- but that does not mean we sit back and do nothing to make sure. What I find of great interest is how few Republican House members are female compared to the Democrats.

I am hopeful about the Senate -- but have my doubts as to the Dems taking it. I am working my azz off to get a Dem in the WH. I would not like the Repubies having the Senate, but could live with it we we keep the House and take the WH.

Defeat him and Indict him.

If we cannot get to impeachment, then boot the fucking traitor out of OUR White House and Indict the Piece of shit.

That is all...

Trump Star


How fucking appropriate. Kudos to whomever did this!

You take my breath away!



I inherited my first cat last December

And I was not so sure about this. I spent many years being afraid of cats. My best friend in HS had a cat, Millicent, that would just strike out and bite and scratch for no reason. My first and last experience with a cat. I loved dogs and have had dogs all my life. Even the dog that no one could manage, I got along with just fine.

So, I got a roommate in 2013, Joe, and he passed away last December. He had a cat that he brought with him. A really cute cat, but I kept my distance because I was not sure about "cat creatures."

My dog was not sure either. Well, it will be six months tomorrow that Joe passed and his black and white cat is now a loved, adored and cherished member of my family. It's just the three of us and there is almost enough room on my queen sized bed for all of us to cuddle, sleep, watch TV, and have snack time.

Domino, my kitty love, is elderly, but he gets around just fine. I had to put a small 2-step ladder by the side of the bed for him to get on the bed, but he still jumps off the bed and is very, very quick on his feet...especially when the front door opens. Cat knows the sound of keys in the lock and the doorbell and NEVER fails to alert to these sounds.

I never thought in my life I would love a cat, but Domino changed my mind!!! I now consider myself a true member of the DU cat and dog lovers membership!

Glad I inherited him. I finally saw how great a cat can be.
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