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Member since: Fri Nov 2, 2018, 01:10 PM
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The DOJ has filed their appeal to the 11th circuit

You can read it here:


MSNBC reporting Jan 6 committee hearing for tomorrow has been postponed

because of the hurricane in Florida. No date given for when it will happen

Transcripts from the Sept 1 hearing before Judge Cannon

I am not sure if someone has already posted this but you can read the transcripts from the DOJ/Trump hearing on Thursday here:


Val Demings is 4 points ahead of Rubio in Florida

According to a new Florida poll, Rep. Val Demings is leading Sen. Marco Rubio 48%-44% in the state's US Senate contest.


Is it possible to dream for a Blue wave in Florida??

Can someone answer a congressional procedural question for me.

If the house approves a bill and sends it to the senate but the senate does not bring it up for a vote and then there is an election, can the new senate bring the bill up for a vote and as long as they vote for it as is, can it then be sent to the president for signature?

What I am trying to determine is, if the house sends over a number of bills this session and the republicans gain the house but dems get a bigger majority in the senate and eliminate the filibuster; can they then pass the bill to go to Biden for signature?

Canadian Press covering Biden while neither MSNBC or CNN is not

Our CBC is covering live Biden's meeting with the PM of Spain for the NATO summit but not the US stations, what is wrong with this picture?

British Columbia is the first province in Canada to de-criminalize possession of small amounts of

illicit drugs. Adults will be able to possess small amounts of opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine and MDMA and drug abuse will be treated as a health matter not a criminal matter. BC was the first province to apply to the Federal govn't for an exemption.


Peter Navarro says he has been subpoeaed by the DOJ with regards to 1/6


"According to Navarro, the grand jury subpoena directs him to appear for June 2 testimony and to produce any documents that would shed light on his refusal to testify to congressional investigators in February. The demand for documents, he says, include records of any contacts he had with Trump or the former president’s attorneys."



Help Ukraine by playing their Ukraine tractor video game

"This simple game is available for download for "pay what you want," with all donations and proceeds from this game will go to volunteer efforts and NGOs working in Ukraine to help those in need."

"The Ukrainian tractor is starring in its own video game. Ukrainian Farmy is an indie game on Itch.io that lets players use tractors to haul away destroyed Russian tanks, APCs, and other armored vehicles."


Trump waited too long to file his big RICO case against Clinton et al

Hillary Clinton moves to dismiss case, it should have been brought within 4 years.

“These allegations form the gravamen of all of [Trump’s] claims,” the filing says. “But notwithstanding his rousing, all-caps call to action, [Trump] waited four years, four months, and twenty-four days before filing suit. His delay renders each of his claims untimely.”

The motion to dismiss also briefly disputes Trump’s 16 counts on the merits.

As for the RICO allegations, the motion to dismiss argues that Clinton “is not a proper defendant” because she did not engage “in any cognizable RICO enterprise” or a sustained pattern of RICO predicate crimes."

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