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Two Maga activists are spilling all to 1/6 committee along with documents

A couple, who are Maga activists and involved with the planning of 1/6 are now talking with the 1/6 committee. While reading their interview with Rolling Stone, it appears to me that they may be trying to rehabilitate their reputations, I concluded it was some sour grapes from not getting a previous pardon from Trump and the fact that some of the more elite Maga's are getting their legal expenses funded in relation to their defense from 1/6 committee, this couple is getting nothing.

In any event they have named some names like Bannon, Gosar, Cawthorn and Amy Klemer and have handed over social media messages etc. Sounds like they may have a plethora of information and evidence. They are still believers of wrong doings in the election but they considered the coup attempt a step too far. (I am not convinced that they are not just protecting themselves).

That is the problem when the Maga elite ignore those on the ground, they tend to turn on them.

Among the documents the couple is providing are conversations they had with staffers and members of Congress as they planned the main rally that took place on the White House Ellipse that day. Stockton described these discussions as largely logistical and focused on planning the members’ participation in objections to the electoral certification on the House floor and various events that were staged to protest against the election. They include Instagram messages Lawrence exchanged with Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) as she tried to get him to speak at the Ellipse rally. Cawthorn, whose office did not immediately respond to a request for comment, ultimately appeared onstage at that event.

“We’re turning it all over and we’ll let the cards fall where they may,” Stockton says.


The link is paywalled but I was able to open incognito. Long article but good read.

How US Airforce will handle Oklahoma Guardsmen that refuse to be covid vaccinated

The Air Force will, in essence, remove National Guardsmen who decline a COVID-19 vaccination from federal service, according to a policy published Wednesday

More at the link:


Also an interesting story about how much of a disaster it was when Governors sent Guardsmen to the border to help with border control. It is an interesting read

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