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Member since: Sun Dec 16, 2018, 04:03 PM
Number of posts: 933

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Helping DU girls commemorate NASA in February


I don't know how many here like to cook, just a quick change of pace

I found chef jean-Pierre on YouTube. Seems a sweet gut. I watched him make a pork tenderloin and he insists you cook pork @145F. He says there are people on the net who insist on cooking it at 180F and he thinks they should be shoemakers instead of cooks. Funny guy!

Congressional staffer's letter



Very interesting - an interview from 1962 with Aldous Huxley

Starship SN9 goes boom after a lovely launch and perfect flight

The great Bigfoot hunt

"There are a lot of people, who really, really believe in Bigfoot and so it is going to give them the opportunity to come down. We want to make it a real deal. You can have a license. You can get out there and hunt this thing. I want to be really clear that we are not going to kill Bigfoot. We are going to trap a live Bigfoot. We are not promoting killing Bigfoot. We are promoting hunting Bigfoot, trying to find evidence of Bigfoot."

Comments as important as the article.



We can be heroes




Starts slowly. Recommended, good summary. Well done.

Lucifer's birthday today

He was my pal growing up on Daktari. The story is from last year but sometime today, they will post his b’day party sheet cake video


Kellyanne did what now?

How can she retain control of the children after this? Is it true?

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