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Member since: Fri Dec 21, 2018, 06:34 PM
Number of posts: 778

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My phone number is being used by 3rd party spam/scam

Numerous phone calls from people asking whats up, why I called. Ignored and blew off everyone as no big deal until someone implored me not to hang up and listen.

Told me a that my number was being used by someone overseas as cover and that I needed to contact my carrier and insist on a spam block filter to prevent others from using it. Apparently its being used by a 3rd party.

So contacted carrier asked for a filter. Question is what other measures should I take? Giving up my number which I have had for 20 years would be a issue I wish to avoid.

Any suggestions?

Android system

Scored big time!

After years of hearing upon arriving at garage and estate sales that someone bought all the records earlier in the day it's my turn to be that guy.

Garage sale of a auction storage unit. Not much really as I was leaving inquired about records. "Yeah haven't dug them out yet, maybe later". Well came back after running quick errands and asked again he went and started hauling out 5 big boxes.

From the first look I knew this was going to cost me. Lucky I had most so I could leave gems for others to find.

Seller told me he might have to pull some of my choices if HE wanted them as he hadn't gone through them.

Pulled 73 for myself, as he went through them i could see him yank a couple and mutter to himself.

Still he let me have all 73 for $200.
8 early stones
6 pink floyd
Were some of the gems among many other 1960 1970 classics. Most have plastic sleeves all pristine.

The best part is leaving behind 4 boxes for someone else to find what they looking for.
I buy for myself and don't do resell.

So tired of the gun violence,

There is always some excuse for the daily carnage everyone is so tired of.

We need to start getting this solved and a political solution is unattainable. Many say enforce the laws already on the books as if it is that easy.

I say put these offenders up against the wall with a cigarette. No need for a mental health evaluation we already know they have a mental health issue. No need for endless trials and paying for a lifetime of incarnation. They have all the evidence needed at the scene of the lastest horror.

Time to get medieval. Time to remove these monsters from society.

A society is judged by how we care for those less fortunate than ourselves. Save our empathy for those who need it.

A ray of hope in GOTV

Wa state passed a law which takes effect this election cycle.

17 yo can vote in the upcoming primary as long as they will be 18 on or before election day.

Will be making efforts to get the word out.


Possible Trump/Palin ticket 2024?

Seth Abramson just published on substack disturbing article outlining russian meddling in 2008 presidential campaign via Sarah Palin and McCain advisers. Lays out possible 2024 ticket.


NYT article, American Nationalist, May 1,2022

6 full pages on how Tucker Carlson stoked white fear to conquer cable news. Appears to be a series of articles.

Part 1 The refugee.

Haven't read it yet, no doubt it will be interesting.

Smug little shit.

Is your internet connection twitchy?

Having issues with connected devices responding. Slow to respond, screen freeze etc. Wondering if others are experiencing these issues.

Low level Russian interference with net?

Mandatory covid testing 3X a week for everyone!

Those with proof of vaccination being able to opt out. One way to get around the pesky problem of government mandates.
A health crisis requires testing and monitoring. For public safety of course.

Heard this great idea somewhere, wish I could give them credit.

What is it about Funko?

I live near thier world headquarters in Everett Wa. Often when I drive by there is a line around the block waiting for the doors to open.
Are these the new beanie babies? What makes them so desirable?
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