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Profile Information

Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Brooklyn, Queens NY
Home country: US
Current location: Essex County NJ
Member since: Mon Feb 4, 2019, 08:06 PM
Number of posts: 1,567

About Me

I used to post as Madam Mossfern, but forgot which email account it was attached to and my password. Typical dreamy me. MFA, Pratt Institute Formerly worked as teacher in South Bronx, for Essex County NJ as Director of Environmental Affairs, (and then) Employment Specialist and Instructor for Unemployment for GED and training program exams. Member of Town Council Mayor Founder of a County park conservancy Environmental Commission member and Chair President of Synagogue Herbalist Master Gardener Married for 41 years 4 "interesting and high spirited" children. Grandmother of 2 very well behaved children (don't know where that came from) Total Space Ranger and Dreamer since birth.

Journal Archives

What is this Dear New York Special?

It's running on three major networks, but I can find nothing about it.

Bishop is outraged

at Trumps bible photo op.

Is there a thread about today's hearings with Dr. Bright?

I'm looking for one....

They are now questioning him about his sick leave and his salary.

If there already is a thread, where is it? OP title?
Of course of what I've seen so far is pretty much partisan.

MSNBC should cut away

This is totally political.
For context: Trump's daily briefing.

"Update" starting now

Apparently we're as good as Germany.
Intellectual disabilities?

OK, it worked

I'm totally confused.

You don't leave a law firm

until you're approved.
Shows that appointments should not be approved because they're stupid.

OK, he offered to end the Q&A

and the reporters there said they wanted to continue.
I think that MSNBC and CNN should stop showing this now.
He's just rambling on and on and bing political.

He's been forbidden to mention

Hasn't mentioned it by name once!

He's gonna cure Boris!

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