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sarabelle's Journal
sarabelle's Journal
June 25, 2019

I'm really amazed that Iran and other nations have not used 45's bizarre behavior and lies

against us more. We all know Trump is unstable and lies to his supporters and non-supporters alike. Our situation at the border the involves all those children separated from their parents and other relatives has been sparingly overlooked by our foreign adversaries.

What sane sovereign leader would actually negotiate with 45 in good faith?

Iran has shown to be more honest that we are right now. Iran was abiding by the agreement and ALL of the signatories to it confirmed that. We pulled out of the agreement simply because Trump and his Obama-hating co-harts in our government could not stand the fact that Obama was successful in putting the agreement together.

I predict, they will all go down in flames trying to undue the Obama legacy.

You don't hear anything about the successful apprehension of OBL under Obama. I guess they are looking for a boogie-man of OBL infamy to take down...but who is left that 44 hasn't overcome except all of Trumps buddies?

June 24, 2019

You should know by now that the Iran situation is all about OIL.

With this deal the Trump administration is barring ALL businesses from buying Iranian oil. And guess what, your oil prices are rising. Stock are going thru the roof.

It's not really about any kind of moral or anti-terrorism or protection of Israel. It's all about being able to be the only game in town for selling our cache of oil. We have more than we need. We are and have been an exporter of oil sine the late 2011. We pretend it's all about fighting terrorism but it isn't. Otherwise we would be in all those countries where real terrorism exists. We would be trying to harness the terrorism in south and central America. But we only cared about Venezuela because of its oil...that should be clear by now.

45 administration tore up the Iranian agreement, which was being adhered to and which actually was better for Israel and the rest of the ME than the situation now. We use the guise of protecting Israel so as to legitimize our actions to the Evangelical community in the US but it is really all about the oil and LG markets.

Our brand of capitalism cannot really compete in an honest competitive environment. We are against China because we can't or choose not to compete with consumer goods industries. We are against Iran and Venezuela because they won't succumb to our oil market demands.

We now are a nation run by people who only recognize their own privilege, disrespect law and order, disavow human and civil rights, and favor misogyny and homophobia over equal rights decency.

Only the children of the poor and middle class will be going off to fight these corporate battles. Glad my children are too old.

June 22, 2019

Will 45's backdown from Iran cause him to lose attendees at his next rally?

Deplorables don't like blowing an opportunity to bomb those 'Muslims" (they don't know what a Persian is).

June 22, 2019

You know, if Trump and half of his family and administration don't go to jail, we have no justice

system and "law and order" is out completely. What citizen will think he or she has to obey any court order, any law. It's scary to think that the po-po will be off the chain and what anarchy we might be headed for.

Congress and the law enforcement MUST put these criminals in jail or all is lost.

June 22, 2019

Well, will Hannity go to jail? Shouldn't he lose his TV show on FOX?

Hannity is part of the real deep state. Murdoch is a co-conspirator. Seems like Hannity is a party to obstruction of justice also.

June 21, 2019

Trump so wants a moment in history like Obama had with the action to get Osama bin Laden.

He can't stand seeing that photo of Obama in the situation room being in charge of a huge military action. And as I recall, the GOP also hated to give Obama any credit for that but spent more time criticizing Benghazi.

June 21, 2019

If 45 claims that he knows more than the generals, why didn't he know people would be killed?

Folks, we need to be very afraid. This shit is getting real.

June 21, 2019

This may be the incident that splits 44's base.

These people do not like missing the opportunity to kill more people of color.

Trump will likely now be forced into doing something stupid just to appease these crazed morons.

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