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Member since: Fri Jun 7, 2019, 10:14 PM
Number of posts: 2,529

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World's Wealthy Call For Removal Of Stars Obstructing View Of Universe

“As affluent taxpayers of Earth, we demand that our space agencies immediately remove the unsightly stars blocking our view of the cosmos,” said Royce Wakefield III, echoing the sentiments of thousands of other monied elites who explained that the light pollution emitted from the celestial bodies was distracting and made the heavens look cheap.

It is from TheOnion.com, so, of course, its satire that seems entirely plausible!

In honor of Mother's Day, i want to pay tribute to my grandmother, who loved and raised me.

I told somebody the other day, that the only complaint i have about my childhood, is that i wasnt prepared for the realization that not everybody adored me like my grandmother did!
Bless the mothers, biological or otherwise!

I have a trans grandson, and a few years ago, at the beginning of his transition, we watched this

'Ma Vie en Rose' (My Life in Pink). It is a Belgian movie with English subtitles. I had seen the movie before, and when we learned of his transitioning (a sensitive and bit shy 15 year old), we watched the movie together.
He was tremendously moved, and i think a little strengthened, by the movie. Afterwards he asked me through tears, why he had never heard of this movie, why other people had not seen it. I told him that the US had put an R rating on it, even though there was nothing sexual about the movie, to make sure that kids DIDN'T see it!
Here is a link to the trailer:

I know it is available as a rental on YouTube.

I thought to post this, after reading about the teacher whose job is threatened in Florida because of a Disney movie .

Barry Humphries, Australian comedian and creator of Dame Edna Everage, dies aged 89


Don't know how many DU readers are fans of Dame Edna Everage, but i for one will miss 'her' irreverent comedy. This interview with K.D. Lang is one of my favorites -- love watching K.D. having such fun!


"Family of Louisville gunman fights law that would see weapon auctioned"

“The Sturgeon family was aghast to learn Kentucky law mandated the assault rifle used in the horrific event last week be sold to the highest bidder at public auction,” a family statement said.


A discussion of the Puerto Rican band 'Calle 13' took place here a couple days ago.

I started looking for a song that i hadnt heard for several years, and couldn't remember the name of, but thought that it must have been Calle 13. Just now found it. Love the girl's vocal at beginning!

And, thanks, Judi Lynn!

At what point would IRS start looking into trump's income tax?

If there's evidence that he filed false business records to hide a crime, then it certainly seems likely that he knowingly filed false deductions on his income tax for those years.
Fox News may confuse viewers with "if they can do this to him, they can do it to anybody" bolony, but EVERYBODY understands what happens when you cheat the IRS.

After one of these school shootings, maybe they should make all members of Congress....

show up at the school and help pick up pieces of young children. A great photo-op for some of them, to be wearing their little assault-weapons pins.
(Sorry, there's not an emoji that represents how sick i feel)

Limburger cheese joke

The grandfather had fallen asleep on the couch, and for a joke the grandkids rubbed limburger cheese under his nose!
After a while, the grandfather woke up, and he sniffed. "Boy, this couch STINKS!".
He got up and walked around the room. " The ROOM stinks!"
Then he walked into different rooms in the house, "My HOUSE stinks!"
Finally he walked outside, took a big sniff, and his eyes opened wide. "My GOD! The whole WORLD stinks!!!"
I'm sure there's a moral to this story. But right now I'm too busy listening to Fox News telling us how migrants and gays are turning our country into a hell-hole!

On Top Of Everything Else, Kevin McCarthy Wetting Bed Again

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