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Gender: Male
Home country: United States
Current location: NYC
Member since: Thu Sep 26, 2019, 08:18 AM
Number of posts: 3,974

Journal Archives

Supreme Court to Judicial Watch RE: Hillary's Emails

When white men overcompensate for the small size of their...

Thank you Jon Stewart


Email Joe Manchin

and tell him how you feel about Voting rights: https://www.manchin.senate.gov/contact-joe/email-joe

Lol George Takei


Were most of the questions at the press conference

snarky, gotcha questions? Maybe it is just me, but it really seemed that way.

Happy 90th birthday William Shatner!

AOC denounces anti-Asian violence


Major Biden lives!

Biden Defends Major As 'A Sweet Dog' Just In Need Of Some Training


President Biden came to the defense of his German shepherd rescue dog Major after he caused what the President described as "a minor incident" last week at the White House.

Biden said Major, one of his two German shepherds, was just startled in his new home when he caused what the White House called a "minor injury" to someone last week.
After the incident, the dogs were sent back to Biden's Delaware home, because the President said he and first lady Jill were on the road, away from the White House. But Biden said that in the meantime, Major is undergoing some remedial training.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

What’s your favorite St. Patrick’s Day movie?
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