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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 04:48 PM
Number of posts: 6,450

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Jimmy Carter in recovery now.

Latest report says the procedure was completed with no complications. He will remain in the hospital as long as necessary for his recovery.

When I voted my straight Dem ticket today I met

and talked with the Election Board supervisor for my district. End result is that I will be working the polls in 2020 for both the primary and the general election.

Finicky cat? I wish!

My 4 year old female cat, Ember, has rarely met a food she does not like. The kitchen counter is off limits but she is all feline when it comes to fast and sneaky.

While I focus on what I am doing, she sneaks unseen into a dark corner of the counter to make a quick grab and getaway. She has snatched walnuts, sunflower seeds, pecans, toast, a muffin, etc. She once plunged her whole face into a mixing bowl of flour. I have caught her licking the outside of a canola oil bottle.

I have raised several cats over the years. They learned to stay off the counter (at least while I was home) and not to snatch food. But Ember is incorrigible despite my resorting to spray bottles. She has broken 2 spray bottles by tossing them to the floor when she saw them on the counter without me.

She knocks margarine to the floor so the lid pops off, then helps herself. Of course then I have to throw it out so she has taught me to put it away immediately after using.

Ember has perfected the skill of knowing when I am distracted and vulnerable to a sneak food grab. So I am on the laptop and absent-mindedly put a potato chip to my mouth.. Poof! Faster than lightning she grsbs it and runs. I chase her down to grab it back so she does not benefit from her theft, but that does not deter her from the next time.

I have also seen her walk across my desk and stick her tongue into my bottled water as she passes, without missing a beat. Now I use snap lids to close after I sip. (But how many times did she do that before I caught her?)

She is not underfed. She has cat snacks besides her regular cat food, snd kitty grass to nibble on. But now when I cook or prepare food, Ember gets put into a room with the door closed until I finish.

I think she enjoys the challenge as an outlet for an indoor cat's hunting instinct. Is that possible?

Hello. I'm a new poster here at DU..

Just want to say hi and that I'm glad to be here. I lurked here for a while and finally registered so I could respond to some of the interesting posts that i've seen.

I'm a lifelong Dem from a Dem family. It's good to have a troll free place for discussions.
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