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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 04:13 PM
Number of posts: 639

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Former Election Official, voting rights wonk. We need lifetime voter registration from birth & citizenship, without any abridgments and a weekend national voting holiday. Let's get the 30% who never vote back voting for Dems.

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Trump is just a failed test of democracy.

Trump and everything he's done, everything the GOP let him get away with...
are just another test of how resilient our democracy is.

The far-right, like the Confederates of the mid 1800's, have some illogical, emotionally driven reason to deny reality.
The South had some Biblical validation to own humans, which they could not prove. Trump also had no proof.

Why they've gotten as far as they have, seeing we did overcome them the last time and should have seen this one coming, is anyone's guess.

So here we are in 2020, and again have the same group of emotional dwarfs whining about something that has never happened. And it's doomsday all over again. All or nothing... again. No, it's a tiny gourp with tiny minds wanting major changes of reality...again.

A 'perceived' process mistake legally failed at every step in the courts- which is the process they are afforded, and that is perfectly OK to do. We expect that to happen, and it did...60+ attempts and they all failed to convince us.
They had no physical evidence to prove their point. Evidence is fact. Period.

Now they have gone violent, just like the South did in 1861, continuing to claim, the imaginary is just as real as facts.

Sorry, no, you lost and we want you to stop with this nonsense and get on with your lives. Keep it up and there will be consequences!

OK, you refuse to listen! Conviction and punishment is now in order.
Impeachment and other serious criminal charges, of the leaders, are filed with more coming....meaning the legal process is working, even though the far right wants to think otherwise. We expect them to resist and deny reality, that our laws are suddenly not their laws,
They are refusing to honor the laws they claim would prove them correct.
The courts said, you have no proof - so, no overturned election. We gave them far more times at bat than was really necessary.
But we trust our laws & legal processes; so we let them go at it, again and again and again. It has now stopped with violence.
They have no more chances in court, no more opportunities. They've chosen the one path that has only one direction.
Conviction of treason in the same courts they used.

Many convicts claim innocence. These traitors will be no different. It's never their fault, even with evidence of fact.
The GOP has always used finger pointing to shy away from it's own bad decisions. This is no different.

We must be immovable in our faith of our legal processes to convict treason, insurrection and abuses it fosters.
"Trumpism" "McCarthyism" "Neoconism" "Nixonism" are just labels for the GOP mistakes, errors and our own intentional... bad choices.

These current traitors/insurrectionists cannot be given any soft consideration, or let the GOP again use, the lamest of excuses.
"Moving too fast with impeachment?"
-- we cannot move fast enough to protect our republic and using the same levels of force we've used in the past.
In fact, the House & Senate could impeach anyone, using the minimal steps, within just a few hours if they wanted to.
Bill given to clerk, clerk has bill read. House Vote -- Done. Bill given to clerk, clerk has bill read. Senate Vote -- Done.
Neither has to hear arguments. The only time consuming aspect is getting the President & the Chief Justice, physcally, into the Senate chamber. We all know how fast the Secret Service can drag someone from point A to point B if needed.

"It was Antifa" (or Martian Unicorns) ... No, it was you Republicans and your right-wing traitors. Nobody else helped you.
"But half the nation thinks... " No, half the nation is not thinking, only a tiny portion thinks the election was fake, imaginary, never happened or stolen. That half also voted and they did not win, nor did they prove fraud of any kind in any court. 60+ rulings prove the fact of loss.
We are done, you had your chance and we will not let you try to blame others for your own actions. You were caught red0handed, on video and there is no denial left. You can be quiet because the timeout is coming, it's just the paperwork now.

We must be intolerant in defending America. We have facts, we have proof and those who deny, suspect and otherwise continue to play this imaginary slight, can and should be legally put into a very dire position for the remainder of their lives.

Some of those convicted in this insurrection should be put to death. All assets seized to cover the damages. And anyone associated with this insurrection should come under a long period of scrutiny; to assure us that this kind of bad behavior is quelled, suppressed and facts are forced down their throats with the broom-handles, flagpoles and fire extinguishers of justice.

Of course if something actually happens, in the future, that can be proven of actual election fraud ( like maybe gerrymandering is a crime) then we will let the processes run those full and complete courses....again. Because we trust our democracy to do just that.

They'll never vote again

All those Trumpies, who tried to overthrow the Capitol, hang the Vice President and destroy the buildings will be convicted of felonies, which in almost every state rescinds the right to vote in any election.

So while they were supposedly fighting for their voting rights, they were, in fact, doing everything they could to have that right taken away.

A brilliant lot of deep thinkers.
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Sat Jan 9, 2021, 10:56 AM (7 replies)

Trump's international properties being attacked yet?

Anytime there is a major American event, like Trump's coup attempt, we often see attacks at American-owned locations across the globe.

I have a simple question...

Has any Trump owned properties, outside the US, been attacked, burned, destroyed, seized or otherwise been made an example of by other nation's citizens, governments, police, students, etc?

on a side note, what are Trump's kids doing about this in those nations. I don't know how many properties Trump has outside the US, where they are and what the local sentiment is, in those other nations.
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Fri Jan 8, 2021, 08:45 AM (0 replies)

Federal Elections Commission should get some teeth

This one agency, designed and built to protect and encourage voter participation, with transparency.
It should be used to hold the GOP accoutnable for all things Trump. Trump won from bad money and worse people, who have money. Biden should demand the FEC become far more powerful. Trump left it ineffective by not seating one commissioner. Any guess who let that happen? I point the finger at the GOP's 'nothing to see here' ploy.

Biden and the Dems can easily repair the damage and prevent, or at least make it very hard, to have another Trumpian situation from occurring. Let's fix our voting rights and hold accountability as the standard to become a candidate.

The FEC and Biden can:
Audit the financial books of that party and of the Citizens United (CU) groups that funded the coup attempt.
--(the money came from somewhere, but secret donor rules prevent us from preventing attempted coups)
It can enforce the rules, which were overlooked over the past four years. Expand it's judicial footprints.
--(Trump left one seat empty, and prevented the FEC from doing anything. It became moot)
Expand authority from commissioners to lower level staff for investigative & prosecutorial actions.
--(This means lower level staffers, not commissioners, are the ones given the real power to investigate and
independently send findings to US Atty Generals for prosecutions, without the commissioners approval)

Biden can immediately us the coup attempt to remove the money influencers:
He can create Executive Orders to hamstring the CU groups, prevent gerrymandering & reduce voter fraud.
We voters must Demand Congress refine elections laws to do three simple things:
--Make voting a birthright. Birth/citizenship means voting rights for life, that can never be abridged for any reason.
(We'd have identical registration and voting procedures in all states, no abridging of that right by any state.)
--Require the Census Redistricting to limit population & geographic deviations to 0.005%
(Current 4-8% deviations is where gerrymandering lives and this would kill it)
-- Create a public campaign fund and make public funding of elections tax mostly deductible.
(A shared fund for all who refuse private donations. Voters will support these candidates)

These simple things can address the major causes of how and why, people like Trump get nominated & elected.
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Fri Jan 8, 2021, 08:09 AM (0 replies)

Track every ping/shared pic/text from every phone & arrest every owner

Charge anyone within one mile of the Capitol and Congressional Office Bldgs with sedition, felony trespass and every offense that can be thought up. Then arrest every single one of them, seize everyone's assets and tell them they can argue their case in court.
Charge each one with 2nd degree murder of the woman who died today.

Our judicial system is fully capable of dealing with mass arrests and serious blanket charges. We must show the world how that is done.
They can learn the lessons, in court, and wait the time before they gain access to those assets.
We cannot discount, as simple political discourse... how serious sedition actually is. How serious destruction of national monuments really is. How threatening elected officials really is. How serious mob rule is and how a mob can cause a murder.

They can explain to a judge, they were not really meaning bad things to happen, but they can do this is court.

We've had one civil war and we are prepared to prevent another. If they refuse to use the legal processes to voice grievances, and choose to take violent actions...then they can face the music.

America must prove to the world, that this is not a stunt and we will not tolerate what happened today.

When the Senate is finally seated in the 117th Congress,, Sen. Shumer must put Mitch, Cruz, Jim Jordan and Ron Johnson along with the rest of the obstructionists in their place.
Remove all sharing rules. The GOP can fight for a voice, which they gave up today.

Take filibuster off the table, refuse assignments of GOPs to important committee co-chairs- seat the dumbest stumps they've got.
The Dems must overrun the GOP with as many laws to fix climate change, provide income equality and climate protections.
And, at the top of the list, reform judicial code to put white nationalists as the biggest threat to democracy.

Then force the GOP to disband, dissolve and be forced into a very strict re-organization, without Citizens United to cover their asses.

I am not the only angry voter today, and I know where the blame lies.
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Wed Jan 6, 2021, 05:58 PM (1 replies)

Come Wednesday Morning, We'll Be Fine...

and almost everyone will realize that, in spite of the right wing's freakout over what is a non-issue, life will persevere.

What won't happen:
The socialists or communists will not have overrun the US government and replaced everything, including the Constitution on a whim.

The 1st session of the 117th Congress will not dissolve into anarchy, but there may be tears shed.

We will not have, as predicted by the GOP, been raped, murdered, robbed, pillaged or brainwashed.

What will happen:
It will be another Wednesday, with some cold & snow in the northern & elevated parts of the nation.

The loud cable TV pundits will try to explain why their predictions failed to materialize.

Voters will now, take better stock of our elections, paying better attention to the naysayers and disputers on the right

I will get up, grind some fresh coffee beans and decide what I'll do for another day of my retirement.
Basically, Wednesday will be like most others; simple, predictable and pretty much safe & secure.
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Tue Jan 5, 2021, 11:30 AM (5 replies)

How Do We Get Trump's lawyers disbarred?

With all the affronts to common judicial procedures, filing suits without evidence, disregarding all legal precedents and for generally being the reasons citizen's distrust the legal profession... my question is simple; but may be complicated with each state's own required disbarment processes.

How do we petition each state to disbar every lawyer who filed one of Trump's failed legal challenges to the 2020 Presidential election?
Posted by SmartVoter22 | Mon Jan 4, 2021, 05:31 PM (6 replies)
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