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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 05:13 PM
Number of posts: 639

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Former Election Official, voting rights wonk. We need lifetime voter registration from birth & citizenship, without any abridgments and a weekend national voting holiday. Let's get the 30% who never vote back voting for Dems.

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SCOTUS - No Wisc election Case review for Trump



3 days after 2nd Pfizer & with cancer chemo

Just an FYI for everyone, from someone who has underlying conditions and wanted to share my experience, with the CoVid shots and with the longer-term effects of my cancer treatments.

In a summary, my chemo effects are the issue. I cannot tell if the CoVid shots are really overwhelming anything the cancer treatments are producing. I have had pancreatic cancer since March 15, 2019... Yes, the Ides of March date. Go figure!

My first dose was painless and no side effects. The 2nd dose on Sat, well I do feel fatigue and more nausea...
but that could be my chemo.
I don't have any injection soreness, tenderness or bruising.
I have nausea, but that is certainly associated with the chemo and hasn't increased since my 2nd CoVid dose.

Get the shots. If I am an example of what to do, I took a big risk getting them and am very glad I did.

Update 2/25: I have deep bone ache. Lower right back and right leg. No cancer related symptoms that aren't being treated. Quite sore and a bit unstable walking. I can endure this type of pain. will update in a few days.

Vaccine Roll out in USA is Very Good

The pandemic needs data and until enough in compiled, we are going to see a flood of doubt, or speculation and of misinformation.
This is going to come, mainly, from emotional responses.
-- How does this affect me & my family?
-- I heard a story about a story from some guy who heard it from...
-- I am afraid so I will voice my fears, even if I don't understand what a threat could actually be for me.

There is a great Axios article comparing the vaccine roll out for the USA, for the EU, etc.
- I think this geographic comparative is disingenuous at best, because the vaccine, hell the virus itself does not rely on any geographic limitations. It's everywhere and it's for everyone.

But, the article does show that the US roll out of vaccine distribution is about three times faster than the EU.
-- We did have an actual vaccine before the EU, we can manufacture it faster than the EU and we have a far larger medical access network that the EU does.

I for one and glad that, both the USA and EU and other 'continents, are rolling our vaccinations as fast as they can.

This aggressive roll out means our governments are working well, and are effective.

When is cannot deliver one vaccine, within a geographic location, then raise the alarm.
Not one nation is not vaccinating it's citizens. Not one.

Oops... forgot the Axios link.... https://www.axios.com/vaccine-distribution-by-country-us-rollout-doses-9c47fa53-6a2e-4c56-8792-dd31bee34b10.html

BUDGET: Unemployment fix, but not really.

Gov Tony Evers has proposed his new budget, which included upgraded the very outdated Unemployment Services computer systems.

While upgraded outdated equipment happens in every budget, as we get new snowplows, office building upgrades and computer systems, to provide us with a modern and dependable set of tools our state government uses. Seems logical.
But the GOP, and a certain Mr. Vos has decided that we don't need to upgrade any computers, or put that cost into a budget. Computer upgrades have always been part of bi-annual budgets.
The current Unemployment computer systems are using A FIFTY YEAR OLD SOFTWARE.

COBAL. Yes, a one-time only, very specific software program designed to only be used with Wisc's Unemployment claims.
In 1971, which was fifty years ago:
--the was no internet
--people did not own computers
--the software could not be updated for decades
--the costs of computers that the state purchases to operate as a government... is now, somehow not a normal expense.

This is not only a ploy, it's also an ignorant argument when it affects every man, woman and child in the state. thee are tens of millions in legitimate UC claims that are not being processed...and have not even been looked at, as a very first step for one full year.

Those weekly checks buy food, services from other Wisconsinites; every day of every week.

Vos does not believe this is true and that every UC claim is a fraud.

Daily Mail: Biden's has 60% more shots, big deal?


What the hell, the newspaper from the people who invented our language don't seem to understand, is that we expect them to use it properly.

OK, 1.6 Million shots per day under Biden
1 Million shots per day under Trump.
Difference is 600,000 shots per day.

Daily Mail mocking claims " Big Deal".

Even a 8 yr old can understand that a 60% increase in shots per day is a big deal.
Tell the 200,000,000 people, under Trump, that didn't get the shots.

Maybe the UK could send us some of the, so many extras that must have laying around to make that claim.

the British press certainly earns it's stripes, the big white one down the back of a skunk IMHO.

Happy Election Day Feb 16, 2021

Go vote today, for our State Superintendant of Public Schools.

Elect a woman, one who can throw a punch.

The 7 GOP Senators should flip party affiliation

and then let the GOP whine about retaliation and poor Trumpie and, Ewww whatever!

If those seven courageous and logical humans quit the GOP and joined the Dems, think who would get booted from Committee chairs?
Which of those 7, would be rewarded, by the Dems, so to provide them with some serious ammo in the 2022 campaigns?

After Nixon, many defected, and if you think the Qanons and the Tea Party are an actual threat to a member, WHO HAS SWITCHED, think again.
The GOP fringsters become useless, just background noise and the media is not going to fester over....Oh look at the traitor to the GOP.. Whaaaa. Media will sstart talking to them, as Dems, and the caucuses they belong to. Media will validate them as Dems, and there is nothing the whine=bags on the right wing can do about that fact.

Most of America, knows the GOP is now not for America, by a long stretch and they will not have anywhere what they thought of, as SUPPORT, anytime soon. The 30% that is Qanon loyalist are just that. 30% and nothing more.

It's Joe McCarthy Red Scare Month

It all started in Feb of 1950...a great little video found with lots of 'scary bits'

Please send to Ron Johnson, to scare his little bit.


Last Day to Early Vote for St Supt of Schools

This office is critical to re-opening schools, funding for the future and assuring our kids that thier education is going to be given the highest priority over; paying for Foxconn tax mess, Walkers failed airplane company and the rest of the GOP's insidious and demonic assault on everyday life.

To leave no doubt, I do not have any respect for Wisconsin's GOP.
and that is growing for it's followers during Trump 45's "term of orrifice".

Will Trump demand witnesses now that Dems closed?

Of course he will. And what a list it will be.

The Valdamir
The Rudy
The Powell
His Kids
anyone who could, (even though they can't) cause a huge delay in the trial or better yet, someone to blame it all on.
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