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SmartVoter22's Journal
SmartVoter22's Journal
December 29, 2020

Tracking US House Roll Call Votes

As expected, almost every Wisconsin House Republican voted against every bill for a stimulus, keeping the government open and
standing up to Trump.
We can use their votes against them in 2022 and we SHOULD USE THEIR VOTES AGAINST THEM.

TRACK THE VOTES AT>>> https://clerk.house.gov/Votes

the first vote to keep the government running...(Dec 20 HJ Res 107 to suspend the rules and pass)

the final vote to keep the government running... (Dec 20 HJ Res 110 to suspend the rules and pass)

the vote to increase the Stimulus from $600 to $2000...(Dec 20 HR 9051, the Cash Act)

the vote to pass the Defense Bill ( Dec 28 HR 6395 William M. Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act)...

The US House Roll Call Votes are the 'facts' to use against the GOP in 2022.
In 2022, we are likely to still be suffering from the pandemic affects, the disastrous Trump era federal court stacking and the economic mess they left the nation and world with.

There are no 'alternate facts' with the House Vote Record
There are no 'voter frauds' with House Vote Record
There are only 'truths' with the House Vote Record

Use them against every single Republican at all levels of government.
That elected village alder person is a conspiracy nut, who thinks unicorns steal ballots.

December 27, 2020

What I learned from 2020

I learned our human curiosity is our best characteristic.
The world's scientific community was able to lead our efforts to stop the pandemic. Science was already working for decades, to find a solution for SARS-CoVid viruses, and the variants it creates. Science has shown humanity, that these viral outbreaks are our greatest threat and it was science and a unified global effort, created effective vaccines that work.
Our inquisitiveness is what brought the solution.

We will see more humans trust scientifically proven facts.

December 19, 2020

2021 Spring Candidates for Wisconsin

Anyone who wants to run for elected offices in Wisconsin must
...register as a candidate and file all nomination papers before Jan 5, 2021.

These races are mainly local offices like county supervisors, city alder persons, local Judges, District attorneys and school boards.
The Spring Primary Election is Tues Feb 16, 2021 (if a primary is needed)
The Spring General Election is Tues April 6, 2021.

(A full 2021 calendar is at the bottom of this post. The PDF covers everything ; every single event, meeting, doc, etc)

Here's links for everything that candidates considering running for elected offices must provide to be on the ballot.

Ballot Access Checklist for State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Judicial Candidates

Ballot Access Checklist for County Nonpartisan Candidates

Ballot Access Checklist for School District Candidates

Ballot Access Checklist for Municipal Candidates - Caucus

Ballot Access Checklist for Municipal Candidates - Nomination Papers


I thought this might be some good information for the Wisconsin DU'rs who may want to run or know someone considering a run for office. The time is now to get your campaign going. Contact your county Democratic party and they will help you get started.
The deadline falls in what is normally a holiday period, but with the pandemic, getting nomination papers done will be harder: People have to have close contact and must physically sign a nomination paper. This is usually done 'door-to-door' or at special events ( another in-person close contact) with support groups like trade unions, advocacy groups, etc.

Running for office is where it all begins and where some good things can end.

December 14, 2020

Wis Supreme Rules Against Trump 12/13

Just in time for the state's electoral college to meet and send our 10 votes to Congress for Joe Biden.

It's over.

1) The Supreme Court of Wisconsin has ruled that the voter decides is they are 'indefinately confined'.

2) The Vote in the Park was a valid ballot collection event, as no voter registrations, absentee applications or blank ballots were issued.
These events only collected completed ballots from voters ( who were already registered, got an absentee via the mail and were only returning their completed ballots to an authorized 'agent' of the municipal clerks.

Well, that was expected. But the Wisc Supreme Court needs voters attention the next time one of these GOP-annointed comes up for a vote and we elect more like, Shirley Abrahamson, Jill Karofsky and Rebecca Dallet.

Watch the Electoral Vote LIVE... https://wiseye.org/schedule/

December 12, 2020

LIVE: WI Supreme Court Trump vs Biden

The oral arguments are live Sat Dec 12 Noon to ???

December 12, 2020

LIVE: WI Supreme Court Trump Vs Biden

The oral arguments are live now. Sat Dec 12, Noon to ???

December 11, 2020

Trump frees Osama Bin Laden spokesman

So now it's freeing terrorist spokespersons?

Claiming he was too fat to keep locked up because he may catch CoVid and treating a really fat guy is hard.

(Did they learn this treating Trump?),
Releasing Adel Abdel Bary may not fly with most Americans. Consider this guy was the official spokesman of Osama Bin Laden, who Trump did not kill, although his administration decided to free him so he can eat some more, in his $1Million London home.

I'm sure the Brit's are delighted. But hey, we're safer now?


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