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SmartVoter22's Journal
SmartVoter22's Journal
July 24, 2020

Purge the GOP in november

What has that party done, in our best interests, since Walker was elected?
--Reduced access to vital services; police, fire, school, voting services have been restricted, reduced or eliminated.
--Census redistricting to create one of the worst gerrymanders in US history. We can't let them at that again.
--Corrupt legislative practices using ALEC and other lobbyists to write all legislation for them. They can't do it on thier own.
--Oil sand fracking is all but DOA, that cost us millions. Walker funded an airplane company...now bankrupt and we paid millions.
Many of the GOP 'efforts' were ruled unconstitutional by federal courts, sp why did they even write illegal laws...are they stupid or treasonous?

Walker lost and now we need to end the careers of Vos, Fitzgerald, Steineke and the rest of the lowlife toadies of bad corporates who seem to think the only way to run a business is by legislative favoritism. Can they make a product people might want? Time for the kids to take over those companies.

We can elect real people who can do the job, so to get the GOP back in line....they get a time out to change thier tune.

The world will not end, you will not be raped, or robbed by illegals and you certainly will not see the end of civilization by purging the GOP.
The party will be forced to moderate and start picking candidates who understand, not be told, how the state govt operates.

Go vote NOW for Aug primary. Every municipal clerks office is open for voting.
July 19, 2020

The GOP's "End of Civilization" Claims

The GOP political party & it's leaders, seem to go into 'insane, illogical and insultive' mode when they campaign.

Apparently, Trump claimed that if he loses, the US will end. Humanity will end. Completely and as fast as getting a $1 burger thru a drive in.

Please GOP & Trumpies & Conservatives, explain the actual steps Biden would take to accomplish this?
Be specific on how laws could be eliminated or replaced, by the whim of one man, without any legislative action to support the action of ending humanity.

The End of Civilization and a nation state, like the USA, is apparently something that one person could do, according to the Trump & his GOP Minions.

July 19, 2020

Grocers: No Mask... No Food!

Most grocery chains, across the country are taking control of the pandemic, without Trump's approval.
They, as businesses, are setting rules that require customers to wear masks when shopping.
In WIsconsin, it goes into effect Mon July 20th and the GOP controlled State Supreme Court can do nothing about it, as they did by ending the stay at home order there.
Many national chains are doing the same, and local businesses are following the lead.

This means no Trumpies can parade the canned goods aisles, without a mask.
This means they get no food if they do not wear a mask ( assuming they figure out how to even get into the store unmasked).

I don't think the Trumpies are going to like mail order food. Most Trumpies avoid buying online as that is seen as a socialist act.

Anyone want to order some ice cream or fresh seafood from Amazon and see what it looks like on delivery?

Any business can refuse service to anyone, and this step, shows business is finally taking logic into account.
Trump cannot do anything about it, the State GOPs' cannot do anything about it.

Now, it's time to pressure every business, you know, to do the same; hardware stores, gas stations, any retailer, any service provider.

July 19, 2020

Most grocers require masks w/o Trump approval

This is business doing the right thing.

You will not be able to get groceries, from the major grocery chains, starting Monday July 20, unless you wear a mask.


Effectively making Trump useless. What's a loyal Trumpie to do?
I don't know, mail order food? Can't wait to see what the ice cream looks like on delivery.

July 6, 2020

Trumpie Tantrum Shopping Spree

Went to my grocery store on Friday 7/3 and the store was busy at 9am.
I had my mask on. Anyway, there was a couple, in their 40's looking a bit shabbily dressed, he unshaven and she in pajamas.
I was getting my milk, when she came up behind me, brushed my shoulder as she grabbed a gallon.
Alarmed by the shoulder brush, I yelled. "Please keep your distance" I said. and quickly stepped away from her.

She said, "Fuck You."
So did I, immediately and very, very loudly ( knowing this would draw attention).
"No! Fuck You. Get Away From Me Right Now!
"I am getting milk and you can wait before you get yours. There are signs all over the store asking you to keep 6 ft away."
Her scruffy husband then piped up saying, "We don't believe fake news. We don't care." (the words fake news, explained everything).
I could see a store clerk running over.

I said to the man "I don't care what you want to believe. I don't want to catch any diseases you may carry." I said.
He had a blankish stare. I don't think he understood what I'd said.

The clerk heard me, and interrupted us, asking what the problem was.
She piped up, " I just got my milk."
I replied, "You nearly shoved me aside to get your milk, when you saw I was already getting some. Could you wait a few seconds? ...to keep a distance."
Husband piped up, 'We know our rights and we don't believe the virus." (not sure if the virus speaks to them directly or how often.)

The clerk stopped him and said, "This is private property and we can refuse service to anyone. The store is well posted with social distancing, all over the store, and we expect our customers to be considerate of others."

The husband, then said a terse "Fuck You" to the clerk. The woman, in a true Trumpie tantrum, threw her half-gallon of milk on the floor which broke open and sprayed a couple of other customers, who started yelling at her.

"You are leaving the store now." the clerk told her and her husband.
A 2nd clerk showed up by then, and reached for their cart, pulling it toward him. They didn't try to stop him and he got the cart away, I assume, in case the woman would want to throw that too.
"We have rights!" the woman yelled. She threatened to call the police. and this is why I am writing this, because what the clerk told them, shut them down so fast and completely..
"This store is not a public place. This private property, just like your home and we can refuse service to anyone. Today, you two are being refused and must leave immediately. Throwing milk at customers is assault and you can be arrested. Please leave now, before we call the police... and the milk is going to cost you $2.39."

The two clerks escorted the couple away and I went to self-checkout. The couple were at the front desk, paying for the milk and talking to the manager with the two clerks.
They left the store. Who knows where else they went to enact their "Trumpie Tantrum Shopping Spree".
I am glad to see my grocer, stand up for customers and hope others will start speaking up to stop these mass spreaders.

PS: I just finished chemo and look like it. Gaunt, pale...covered from head to toe with skull cap, eye protection from my glasses, a N95 mask covered with a cloth one, long sleeves & pants and gloves. It's 90F outside.
No moron is going get between me and my brand of milk.

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