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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 05:13 PM
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Former Election Official, voting rights wonk. We need lifetime voter registration from birth & citizenship, without any abridgments and a weekend national voting holiday. Let's get the 30% who never vote back voting for Dems.

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Wisc Lawmakers want to end partisan primaries

I reposted the source link from the General Discussion board.

This is ranked choice voting, which works well in neighboring Minnesota and every other state that has embraced this smart election policy. Ranked choice ends the old method of limiting the candidates, after the primary, to the top two vote getters.
Ranked choice leaves the top 5 vote getters and the general election allows voters a far broader choice of candidates.
Wisc does not have party affiliation registrations, meaning everyone is an indie voter. This proposal would require a winner to get 50%+1 to win a primary outright, otherwise there would be a runoff of the top two, prior to the general election.

Ranked choice voting is something the Wisc GOP is firmly against. This won't get any legislative time, as the GOP has to draw the new district boundaries once the Census data is released. They certainly don't want to loose any power over taking power from voters.
The WISCgop's are already plotting more gerrymandering by hiring a law firm to defend the mess they will create. Wisc law states that they cannot hire any lawyers until the bill is actually written, like they did in 2011. Why change now?


CPAC: Teen Level Communications

The 2021 CPAC was a teenager level communication project.
What the hell was that all about?

A golden icon in the hallway...
No real speeches of importance...
Repeats of past rantings...

As the most important convention of conservative political thought, this was a disaster.

So what did we learn?
The GOP has no plan and had given no indication of a plan forward.

OK. 'If that;s what they want, then I won't support then.
The nation deserves a plan, something to move forward with.
No plan. No votes.

the dems have plans, so they get my vote

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