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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 05:13 PM
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Former Election Official, voting rights wonk. We need lifetime voter registration from birth & citizenship, without any abridgments and a weekend national voting holiday. Let's get the 30% who never vote back voting for Dems.

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Netanyahu was another bad prime minister

He did very little to advance peace, with the Palestinians, or for the Middle eastern region.

Let's hope his end is the beginning of a new progressive series of national leaders and policies for that region.
Policy that can help children learn more, prevent colonizations and most importantly provide for a fair and equitable economic system that punishes nationalistic policies. Terrorists do not lead nations, they are an excuse for nationalists to defend a bad policy.
Nationalists are terrorists more often, as we've seen in America's Jan 6 treasonous attack on the Capitol.

I never liked nationalists and today's current 'conservatives' are showing how bad that ideology really is.

Humans are better than the Netanyahu(s) many fear riddled and poorly educated devotees that are around the globe.

Let Netanyahu be the domino effect and we see many of them fall to the dustbin of history.
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