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Hometown: Virginia
Current location: Appalachian Mountains
Member since: Sun Nov 10, 2019, 08:12 PM
Number of posts: 298

About Me

I am a lifelong Democrat. I told by my father, when I was only 6 years of age. that the republican party is only for rich people and fools. He was right. He and my mother survived the depression and knew the consequences of giving the repugs too much power. I am now in my sixties and am aghast at the things going on with tRump and his cult of crime. I believe that we, the Democrats and independants, must all unite and drive these people out of office and out of political relevence for the sake of our nation and mankind.

Journal Archives

This song seems so appropriate for toay's times.


This is a powerful song and video that needs to be heard!


Whomever the two secret admirers who gave me hearts, I say thank you.

Just seen this on Facebook. So Cute.


My Unique Experience Getting My Second Vaccine Shot.

About six weeks ago while getting my first shot at a local hospital, I met a nice man who looked to be in his seventies whom I had a conversation with while waiting for our turns. Having been give an appointment for the second shot, I returned four weeks later. Getting the vaccine shot was rather uneventful but I had to wait fifteen minutes afterwards. The same gentleman that I met at my earlier appointment was also waiting to be discharged. When I casually asked him how he was doing, the man related a story to me of great interest. He told me that he was not from this area, far Southwest Virginia, but his wife was. They had spent their working years in the Washington D.C. area. Early on the morning of September 11, 2001 the man's wife had left her office to go down the street to get get coffee and donuts for herself and others. When she returned to to the office, the woman found out that fourteen of her close co-workers had just died from a plane crashing into the Pentagon where she was employed. Her husband related to me that his wife was disturbed to such an extent that she could not return to her job or even to the Pentagon. She even refused to go, when invited, to a memorial at the crash site. This gentleman said that she was doing much better now that upon retiring. The stress and horrifying memories lessened by living four hundred miles from the event. I thought this needed to be shared with this group since the Q nuts spouting all this stuff about that event not happening. I know they would say that what I am writing today is not true but, as God as my witness, I had this conversation. For the sake of these people's privacy, I withhold the names.

A big thank you to whomever gave me valentine heart.

One Last Funny Feeling About 2020


My wife and I voted today!!!! 2 more for Biden-Harris


"Herd Mentality"


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