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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 2,313

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OK, the balloon is shot down, lets shift the focus to the fact that Biden administration economic

policy is leading to historic job growth and low unemployment levels and he will go to the State of the Union, once again, with a full list of accomplishments for plenty of standing ovations from the Democrats.

He will have, unfortunately, McCarthy, the face of failed Congressional leadership, sitting behind him. But nothing will change the fact that it was President Biden who became the first President in American history to have two women sitting behind the President during the State of the Union.

No matter what the fake extremist right wing media says, President Biden has been one of the most successful and effective Presidents in modern history. And it's not just because the bar was dropped so low by his failed, unsuccessful, criminal predecessor. It's because he knew how to do this.

Instead of focusing attention on a stupid balloon that our intelligence knows all about

and knows what to do, worrying about what China might be spying on, let's focus on Putin's spy, Trump, his infiltration into the GOP ranks and their very real subversion.

Let's focus on getting Trump indicted and tried and convicted now, not after the 2024 campaign is in full swing.

Thank You President Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Maj. Leader Chuck Schumer


Thank you, with all of the gratitude I can muster, for your work in ensuring that the inflation legislation got through before the party of NO! took control of the House.

This is one of many reasons why politically-motivated Evangelicals have no credibility.


Empty words for fat speaking fees. How gullible do you have to be to pay to attend a "Christian" men's conference when the headliner is a credibly accused sexual abuser who had no legitimate counseling in his rapid "restoration" to the ministry.

"Believe what I say, not what I do," especially when I own three homes, including a prime beachfront house,

Churches are being hijacked by Christian nationalists who use social media to recruit


I got a friend request from a former colleague I didn't get along with. There was no social chatter or catching up, his posts immediately started showing memes and photos from fake news and pushing the "deep state" conspiracy theories.

We never really got along when we worked together, as a direct result of this. Conversations we had, when we discovered we shared a common Christian faith background, developed into one-sided political rantings, and after he found out I was on the opposite end of the political spectrum, the friendliness disappeared altogether and I was barely tolerated.

His views on the holocaust gave him away.

Indict Trump now.

Seems like frustration is building over this. Republicans want him indicted and removed by prosecutors so they don't have to face his supporters. Most Democrats want him behind bars and tomorrow is not soon enough.

I'm for handing down every indictment for every crime he committed and yes, that will be a long list but it needs to be done. And just like Solomon Pena in New Mexico, he needs to be held until his trial.

New Mexico appears to be a bastion of American Democracy. Maybe the DOJ should send Trump there.


Couy Griffin, a former Otero County Commissioner, also founder of "Cowboys for Trump," a notorious election denier, participated in the sedition of the January 6th Trump Insurrection and as a result of his criminal disloyalty to the United States, was removed from his post by a judge who cited his violation of a clause in the 14th amendment. The judge used the term "insurrection" in his ruling, and not only removed Griffin as a county commissioner, but also ruled that he may not hold any elected state or federal government position in the future.

Solomon Pena, who was mercilessly beaten into the ground by voters in losing a race for a state house seat by a 74% to 26% margin in November, decided to follow Trump's insurrectionist plan by screaming the election fraud lie and then hiring some help to shoot up the homes of victorious Democratic officials, resorting to violent attacks against those who were elected by the will of the people. After a relatively short period of time, a Bernalillo County judge has decided that the potential for Pena, or some of his supporters, committing more violence warranted not only the highest level of indictment allowed by the law, but also holding him in jail until his trial.

Look how fast justice moved in New Mexico. Pena has been arrested, indicted and held within a month. One month. Griffin wound up in court and off the commission in less than six months after he was charged.

Perhaps, for the sake of democracy, and for protecting the American people from more violence, the DOJ should send Trump to state courts in New Mexico.

Why are we, as Americans, allowing this?


A criminal who led one of the most corrupt presidencies in American history is on the campaign trail seeking election to a second term. That's exactly the opposite of what should be happening in a country that claims it is a "nation of laws." If the Constitution of the United States, which guarantees the civil rights of the people in whose hands lies the full power of government, cannot prevent a corrupt, criminal, insurrectionist from entering a political campaign to get back into the most powerful political position in the world, after his crimes and corruption have been revealed, then how can it protect the rights of its citizens?

Florida Governor, Legislature is motivating students to learn things they are censoring from schools


Censorship invites investigation. And in a free society, there are always detours around the prohibitions and restrictions.

I think we are about to see just how creative a group of teachers and college professors can be in helping their students have access to all kinds of ideas as the censorship of the state government motivates the curiosity of those who will now be looking to learn all about what their governor doesn't want them to know. Educators in America have done an outstanding job of finding ways to exercise their academic freedom. We've already seen some examples of this.

As conservatives complained that CRT was being promoted by schools and colleges, it really didn't have anywhere near that kind of coverage or promotion. But now, even as states like Virginia and Florida have restricted any kind of instruction their small minded legislatures and governors deem "woke", CRT is coming to the forefront of the media, being explained by experts, discussed in all kinds of forums and people are realizing that it is not the bugaboo the extremists make it out to be. It's not a Marxist plot for taking over the country, it's a theory that is the product of the conditions of the society that produced it. And as it gets more exposure, even though it has been banned from schools, those who are using it as a political bombshell lose credibility because of their false presentation of it.

Brian Sicknick's Mother makes the case against the Trump Insurrectionists


This should be in every social media outlet and on every major news outlet.
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