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lees1975's Journal
lees1975's Journal
July 15, 2024

A Call to Democrats, Independents, Green Partiers, Moderate Republicans and All Americans Who See the Danger we are in!


Get past all the bickering over the debate, and rescue this nation from despotism.

The past three weeks have brought a cataract of bad political news. I'm 66 years old, have observed politics since I was 10 or 11 years old because of the interest of my West Virginia-born parents, working class Americans who built their family by hard work and lived by and believed in values like honesty, integrity and trust, interdependent friendships and a sense of community support, and were true patriots. My father was a World War II Navy veteran, who volunteered upon graduating from college as a chemistry major, trained as an air conditioning mechanic and spent the war servicing equipment on cruisers and battleships in the Pacific. My mother worked to support him and the family, as a hotel desk clerk, housekeeper, and as my sister and I were growing up, a child care worker. They were Democrats, and they passed those values on to their children.

It's been beyond appalling, over these past weeks, to see where things have been headed. The Supreme Court's declaration that the President of the United States, by example one former one they want to protect in particular, is above the law and immune from criminal prosecution while performinng official acts related to the Presidency has left me absolutely dumbfounded. Any reasonably educated and politically estute American should also have been horrified and troubled by this ruling. This is a consequence of some past apathy that permitted the appointment of three justices who lied during their hearings in the judiciary committee. The value of honesty and integrity took a hit on this one.

The debate performance of President Biden opened the door to a partial cave-in of support from his own party. This has also been an appalling development, especially four months out from the election and less than a month from the nominating convention. With the other side working as hard as they can to make it difficult to vote, and on ways and means to overturn votes they don't like, to have something like this happen is potentially disastrous. The media hasn't left it alone. And today, a tweet from Jake Tapper, of CNN, left me as angry at a reporter as I've been in a long time, hinting that some "high Democratic party officials are already preparing for a Trump presidency."

Is the media conceding this as well, based on their own misinformation, or on their corporate ownership's instructions? Are they trying to get on Trump's good side before he gets in there again? We are now left without a free press.

Folks, this is all gross injustice. It's not coincidental. This country is headed for chaos. The enforcement of the law has been taken away from us. Our constitutional rights are next. And we better wake up now, stand up and do whatever we can do to make sure this country remains a Constitutional democracy under the rule of law.
July 15, 2024

After weeks of really bad news for our country, here are some reflections.


Yes, Our Country is in Chaos

We've just seen six members of the Supreme Court do what George Washington warned us about in his farewell address as he stepped down from the Presidency. They are no longer administering justice and interpreting the law, they are inventing precedent and playing politics, and they know they suffer no consequences because they have a lifetime appointment, given in a day when trust in the honesty and integrity of judges was a requirement to serve. But we've just seen six justices demonstrate that they have no integrity and are not honest. Two of them should have never been put on the court, because the lifestyle they lived, and their previous behavior, should have disqualified them from service. But hypocritical Republicans, more interested in power and influence than in morals or character, did appoint them.

Did anyone really believe that any of the more than 90 criminal indictments against Trump, all based on evidence, would ever come to trial? Only the case in Manhattan, which fell outside the jurisdiction of the federal judiciary, reached a verdict, and even that is being challenged by the corrupt Supreme Court ruling on a concept of presidential immunity that never existed until they established it now. I don't expect that the case against Trump for inciting the January 6th insurrection against the Capitol will ever see the light of day.

And with all of this court corruption going on, we have the Democratic party splintering over whether or not Joe Biden has the stamina to run for a second term. Look at this from my perspective, just an ordinary, everyday, professional wage earner, living largely from paycheck to paycheck, about to retire on Social Security and a very small pension. I must ask this question. How seriously are Democrats taking Trump as an existential threat to our democracy? That's been the theme since his attempt to interfere with the peaceful transfer of power. But elevating a debate over the fitness of the prospective Democratic nominee in the middle of this chaos is inexcusable.

I, for one, do not believe that Trump can gather enough support to win the 2024 election unless too many good people stay home and don't vote. He's not winning any new voters. And it looks like we will have to fight more than just to get people to the ballot box. I have a feeling, with all of the current chaos, that once the votes are counted, if Biden comes out to be the winner of the electoral vote, there will be all kinds of court challenges, certification delays in red states or by Republican governors, and attempts to turn the vote the other way. So what I'm seeing now, is not encouraging when it comes to holding on to American democracy. There's a lot of money going into defeating it.
July 14, 2024

So, we're almost three weeks post debate and I have some questions.

I'm standing with the President. I think he has the ability to do the job. I've seen the NATO speech, the press conference, I watched the debate, and I've seen the media make sure that anything negative associated with Trump gets swept to the side.

What's the game plan, moving forward? Will the President make more public appearances, because I think not doing this leaves the impression that he doesn't have the stamina. Trump is rallying here and there all the time, though his crowd numbers are way down. People standing in the hot sun for hours to listen to 90 minutes of demented rambling.

What needs to be done among Democrats now? Stay fragmented? Unify? Do those who called for the President to step down really understand the reality of the situation? Do they believe that Trump poses an existential theat to America or is that just campaign rhetoric to scare people into voting?

Are there Democrats willing to concede this election? If not, what are the possible resolutions?

July 14, 2024

Huge shift in values since the Constitution was written to bring us to this election campaign with a criminal candidate.


But who could have imagined that a criminal, a man who has been a business fraud, pathological liar, and sexual deviant and rapist, for most of his adult life, could ascend to the Presidency on the votes of the people, though it was the irregularity and undemocratic Electoral College that got him there? The founders didn't have any forethought of that happening. But here we are. The predictions prior to his election to office, that he would become a corrupt despot, and use the power of the Presidency for his own self-serving benefit came true in his first few months in office.

Our justice and legal systems run on money, not justice. And that's one thing that's wrong with this country. Values have changed. The difference between "wrong" and "right" is no longer discernable.

There's no comparison in terms of the character and morality required to be a leader, something that Evangelicals once claimed was more important that the issues, between Joe Biden and his opponent, a multiple-bankrupted, adulterous womanizer, a convicted rapist and fraudulent business operator, an election cheat and a pathological liar. And on top of that, an opponent whose term in office was rated as the worst in all of American history by a group of respected, non-partisan Presidential scholars.

His opponent has been convicted of rape in a civil court, and convicted on 34 counts of felony fraud in a scheme to cover up his affair with a porn star while his wife was pregnant and raising an infant son. He has also been indicted on multiple other felonies related to inciting insurrection against the United States and to the theft of classified documents related directly to national security, including the unauthorized showing of the documents to people without security clearance. He sold the country's diplomacy out with his cowering to Putin and to Kim Jong Un, so he can get advantages in business deals in their countries.
July 13, 2024

Political violence achieves nothing.

What's scary is that someone got close enough to a presidential candidate to hit him with a bullet. That's scary.

Someone had a gun who shouldn't have had one. Bottom line.

July 13, 2024

It's become clear that no amount of bribery is going to change the fact that Joe BIden is the Democratic nominee.

So keep the fighting up and hand this election right over to Trump and the GOP. Those who are withholding their big dollar contributions aren't on board anyway, or they wouldn't be doing this. We are finding out who is committed to keeping Trump from winning another term and becoming a dictator, and who is more self-interested and self-absorbed.

July 13, 2024

Talk shows and call-in guests are not a "scientific" poll, but they're countering the "65% of Americans want Biden out"

Since the debate, we know what the big topic of discussion on the talk shows and podcasts has been. My daily schedule allows me to listen to four, two locally based in Chicago, at WCPT, Richard Chew and Joan Esposito, along with Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartman. Both of the local based programs have been jammed with callers since the demands for Biden to step down have grown shrill. Of course, not all of these people are atriculate speech makers, but the pattern is clear from the local folks. They are overwhelmingly defending Biden.

Maybe Chicagoans are more realistic and have a better understanding of the real danger posed by Trump, but most of the callers also watched the debate, and a lot of them have been asking why the media isn't focusing on Trump's lies, flaws, criminal record, and general lack of qualification to be President. Many of them are wondering if those Democrats who are getting the public attention to call for him to step aside are qualified to serve themselves, since they do not appear to understand the reality of the situation, or believe that Trump is an existential threat to American democracy.

I really appreciate the direction Stephanie Miller has taken. And even though Hartman has called for Biden to step aside, he does not appear to screen his callers, the vast majority of whom are taking the other perspective.

I've linked Joan's show on Friday, it was an eye opener. She doesn't ask big money celebrity guests to come and be pundits, she goes to experts who have years of experience in the field and in most cases, are still on the ground in their job, to answer tough questions.


Democrats are, once again, engaged in a foot shooting contest. To be subject to the threats of people just because they have a lot of money is to be right back in the kind of crap that the party is supposed to be standing against, elitists running the show because they are rich.

July 12, 2024

I'm really disappointed in the complete lack of critical thinking and common sense that is coming out of some Democrats

especially those elected to Congress as Democrats.

We are in the middle of a Presidential election in which the candidate about to be nominated by the Republican party has been declared guilty of rape in a civil trial, and convicted on 34 felony counts in an election fraud trial, has, as the President said in the debate, "the morals of an alley cat," has colluded with a foreign government to win a previous election, is a pathological liar who has told so many dangerous and harmful lies they are hardly noticed, surrounded himself with corrupt criminals as his advisors, and, in cooperation with an extremist cult known as the Heritage Foundation, has proposed a platform for his Presidency that eliminates 240 years of Constitutional democracy, and replaces it with a dictatorship that doesn't recognize either individual rights or the sanctity of human life. His four years in the White House were evaluated as being the "worst Presidency in American history" by scholars and experts on the subject, and by millions of American voters who tossed his ass out in 2020, along with Democrats in Congress who had to exercise judgment and caution in only impeaching him twice for multiple high crimes and misdemeanors. It would take too long to list everything wrong with him and his candidacy.

With this despicable, deplorable, criminal, anti-American, Antichrist about to be nominated by the GOP, we have Democrats in the House and Senate publicly seeking out the media, making statements saying that the man who has served as one of the most successful Democratic Presidents in decades, stuttered and muttered during a debate, didn't have a great performance, and that, compared to everything the criminal nominee of the other side has done, is grounds to ask him publicly to step down.

That does not earn my confidence in your ability or qualification as a member of Congress.

July 12, 2024

Project 2025 is the product of the merger of Christian fundamentalism and charismatic spiritualism with MAGA Trumpism.


Those Democrats who have either never paid much attention to religious beliefs, or who have abandoned it after being raised in it and coming to the conclusion that it was not what it claimed to be, and did not "save their soul," should probably make themselves very familiar with the political movement that has developed out of this infiltration and blending of Evangelicalism with Republicanism that has created an extremist movement with the intention of destroying the America that the founders established when they wrote and ratified the Constitution. It is a movement which has effectively abandoned the Christian gospel but which still uses terminology and methodology lifted from it, but distorted and interpreted in a way that would not be recognizable to Jesus or his apostles who preached it and established the Christian church.

They've made a deal with the devil when it comes to Trump. They have a Christian nationalist agenda, they want the power and control over people's lives that they do not now have, and they see him as a useful tool in achieving their goal, and they couldn't care less whether he's one of them or not, because being Christian is just a means to an end for them, as well. Their ends are the wealth that comes from the power of control over people's lives. That's quite visible in the fact that many of the leaders of churches and movements within Evangelical and Charismatic Christianity who are the biggest supporters of a Christian nationalist agenda run their churches in exactly that way, to direct the wealth into their own pockets without accountability and to have control over the congregations of people who bow at their feet and surrender their loyalty.

Project 2025 breaks down that wall by using the state to enforce religious principles and doctrine by law. It makes the government, rather than the church, the primary vehicle of Christian evangelism, though the consequences for exercising personal religious liberty are anti-Christian in their execution. Christianity that is enforced by punitive consequences of the law, not by conviction of conscience, is not Christianity.

Examining those individuals connected to the Heritage Foundation and what the Evangelical Christianity from which they have emerged actually looks like, it is also pretty easy to conclude that a Christian spiritual revival is the furthest thing from their own intentions. These are people who have made themselves fabulously wealthy off their peddling of the Christian gospel and their salesmanship of power and "bigness" and Trump is a useful and willing politician in their scheme to get the wealth and power they are after.
July 12, 2024

We either get off this nitpick and support the President, or concede to Trump now.

This is what we have. An 81 year old sitting President who has a record of remarkable achievement in office, as expected of someone of his political experience, judgment and character, and a Vice-President who has exhibited the ability to do exactly what is expected of her, and that is to be ready to step in at any unexpected moment, and seamlessly lead a transition to run the executive branch.

The other side has a 79 year old convicted felon and rapist, whose record as President was capped by an epic failure to lead the government in protecting the people of this country from a pandemic and whose leadership was characterized as the worst in history, a business fraud, and a self-serving narcissist whose racist bigotry was the most divisive political force since the Civil War. A man who is as unAmerican and unpatriotic as a political leader can be in cozying up to dictators and despising our democratic allies, and who very well could be in prison when the election itself is held.

If the American electorate is incapable of recognizing these facts, then we are doomed anyway. Otherwise, this is the election we have. We will never have a candidate whose views, experience, politics, abilities and personality lines up perfectly with every voter and if GenX and Millennials cannot see this, or are not mature enough to understand politics, then they are in for a rough ride.

Any further pushing of this "Biden is too old and needs to step down" theme will lead to further fragmentation of the Democratic party, alienation of the independent, swing voters and third partiers that we need to win, and will be correctly interpreted as not recognizing Trump as an existential threat, and as irresponsible and deliberately self-serving.

I'm done talking about it. I'm volunteering in a voter registration phone campaign in a key swing state just across the state line this weekend, and I have to get off this website so I can go to ACT Blue and donate to the Biden victory fund again. I have a couple of blog posts coming out, exposing Evangelical complicity and reasoning behind the draconian Project 2025 to get finished and need to do some research.

Have a good evening.

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