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Claire Oh Nette

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Member since: Sat Feb 29, 2020, 02:22 PM
Number of posts: 2,636

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Reed asshat from NY is downplaying Jan 6

MSNBC is on in the background.

Reed from NY is bloviating about the 74 million, as if 74 were somehow greater than 81, and minimizing the insurrectionists as small, vocal, extremist minority acting on their own, and that TFG was exactly the kind of disruptive "leader" the GOP needs. He says there is no Big Lie, and that the lead up to J6 is irrelevant.

Um, no.

A sore loser hired hack attorneys to comb through the law to find a loophole so he wouldn't have to face consequences for lying and grifting his ass off.

Never heard so many old whiny crybabies stunted in toddlerhood.

Call them out for the cult they are.

Posted by Claire Oh Nette | Thu Jan 6, 2022, 02:32 PM (9 replies)
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