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Gender: Male
Current location: New York
Member since: Fri Mar 6, 2020, 04:33 PM
Number of posts: 4,448

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For those who voted early in person, do the lines get shorter after the first day?

Because of how eager people are to vote this year, the lines on the first day of early voting seem pretty long. I live in a big city so I would like to avoid a long wait if I can. So do the lines get shorter after the first few days?

Maggie Haberman Tweet: Officials conceded the president was not getting tested every day before his

Trump still at times sounded like he was trying to catch air. Officials conceded the president was not getting tested every day before his diagnosis.


Oh yeah. They weren't testing as much as they said they were.....

LOL... anyone else seeing a change in the MAGATs response on twitter?

They were always praising Trump and saying polls are wrong. Today is the first day I see some new messages from them. They are saying dems will crash the market so bad because we can't manage money with the 3 branches of government. And it will swing the pendulum back to them.

It's the first time I see that they are admitting they are losing, and losing bad that all 3 branches are lost clause.

Nate Silver Tweet: Wait, so Trump not only rejects stimulus funds

Wait, so Trump not only rejects stimulus funds that would probably have helped his re-election chances, but *also* does so in a way to make sure that he personally will take blame for it?


I agree with him there.... The drugs have impair his judgement is sounding more likely by the day. But then, he never had good judgement to begin with.

A reporter just shouted: "Mr. President, do you think you are a super spreader?"

I can't help but laugh......

I don't know where or if it's today. I am just listening to MSNBC without looking at the screen.

Biden is doing great overall in the town hall

He is hammering on the need to wear a mask. That's a great point. But I wish he would tie wearing a mask to lowering the infection rate. With a low infection rate, we can reopen things and the economy will gradually come back (including the air traveling industry). The public health aspect is great, but I think he could tie it to economy and hit Trump where it hurts.

For the early votes that are rejected, I heard that the county would get in touch with voters to

remedy the deficiency. Is there anything the Biden campaign or democratic groups can do to make sure the early voters that got rejected know how to fix it?

Do you think the debate between Trump and Biden will happen?

I just thought about Trump coughing during the debate and how the world would react to that. It can't look good. So my thinking is that unless Trump is fully recovered and no coughs in days, he would not participate in a debate. He cannot edit out the cough and he knows how bad it looks if he coughs.

So I think it's unlikely that Trump will participate in the next debate. What do you think?

NEW: YouGov state polls Ohio tie 47/47 PA Biden +7 51/44

Done on Sept 30 to Oct 2 so it includes Trump's COVID positive.



Nate Cohn Tweet: interviews conducted yesterday in AZ see shift in Joe's direction


Looks like no sympathy votes to Trump's way, at least not yet.
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