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Gender: Male
Current location: New York
Member since: Fri Mar 6, 2020, 04:33 PM
Number of posts: 4,448

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Let me praise the reporters. They are asking the important questions.

As for the doctors, very dodgy and a lot of bs. But I expected nothing less of that.

Trump's doctor will provide update at 11am est

according to MSNBC.

Will you believe what the doctor say?

George Conway's response to Kellyanne Conway's COVID positive announcement



I feel bad for any house keeper or people that have to serve Trump now

He has always been a crybaby. I am sure he is worst when he is sick. Imagine having to serve food to him when he is shouting and kicking inside.

supreme court nominee ACB tested negative according to MSNBC n/t

So if the media didn't find out about Hope Hicks, we wouldn't know about Trump????

The WH never put out any information until Hope Hicks' news got out.....

No wonder Trump team sent the "I won the debate" email saying the media will say he lost

They long decided to make the debate a shit show and know that they would be received badly from the media and normal people.

Anyone else found the first question famed wrong?

Wallace asked why filling the SC seat right now is good or bad. Basically soft ball it to Trump to say it's his constitutional right to do so.

What Wallace didn't say is that the republicans all went the other way and opposed Merick Garland 4 years ago.

I am a moderate but I am a life-long straight ticket democratic voter as of today

Before today, I still long for the days that we get a reasonable republican party that one day I can possible choose between. But after today and the republican party's lust for power that they break all of the rules and go back to their own words, I can not see myself ever to vote for a republican again. It is more than how I lean on the political spectrum. This is not normal, this is not moral, this is against everything that is American.

I am sadden that this country has a republican party that is so corrupt and power-hungry......

Lets fight back together and eliminate this republican party. We cannot continue with this republican party.

Hillary Clinton on Rachel Maddow right now n/t

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