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Profile Information

Name: Mike Pence
Gender: Male
Hometown: D.C.
Home country: U.S
Current location: Undisclosed
Member since: Sat Mar 14, 2020, 09:55 AM
Number of posts: 6,315

About Me

Lets profit off trump for a change: https://my-store-d013f0.creator-spring.com/listing/only-the-mob-takes-the-5th?product=1565

Journal Archives

All the trump FAILS of the Plague Year


The Extreme Danger of Conspiracy Nuts.

a message from Ivanka

Chickenshit republicans afraid of a mean tweet from a Lazy Hated Lame Duck President

Was the Nashville bomber a Q Conspiracy nut worried 5G was spying on him?


or was it just suicide?

Mr. Huge Tie


this needs to be Songified to add to the Christmas spirit.

A Psychological take on the Horrid news of the week by a Medical Professional


from the Oct Conference:


Georgia GOP Hides after purging 198,000 Voters

trump wants to incite violence Jan 6 in hopes of sparking Martial Law. Why we must Prosecute him.

and he is holding COVID relief hostage.
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