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Profile Information

Name: Mike Pence
Gender: Male
Hometown: D.C.
Home country: U.S
Current location: Undisclosed
Member since: Sat Mar 14, 2020, 10:55 AM
Number of posts: 6,315

About Me

Lets profit off trump for a change: https://my-store-d013f0.creator-spring.com/listing/only-the-mob-takes-the-5th?product=1565

Journal Archives

What we are NOT seeing with the Biden Administration

trump still can't get over Bidens stumble

The Bullshit artist that will never stop. It goes on and on like the energizer bunny

“Buy this Used Chevy; its great; if you look at the interior; people are saying its great; it was owned by a slow driving grandma”

Even the Feed store owner is perplexed.

Must be Zuckerberg's fault

The name "Ivermectin" has been bandied about and talked about on fox; so there "must" be something to it if they are "talking about it". Thats my theory for this craziness.

Dying? Pffff; it's no big thing according to Tate Reeves

Sarah Palin weighs in with what else but Nonsense

Flashback from the Memory Hole

What the Hell was This?

QwAcKer has a message for y'all

Fox and the BIG LIE

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