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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 8,158

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Bill Nye Was Just On MSNBC's "The Beat"

Extremely interesting discussion and explanation of hurricanes by him.

What he says we all can do to help........VOTE!!!

I very much recommend watching a replay online or when someone posts it here.

DeSatan: "Government Aid For Me, But Not For Thee"

Joe Biden, being the caring Democrat that he is, will help.

DeSatan will be back to bashing Joe in no time at all.

God Has The Best Gig Going

When people pray, and good things happen, God gets all the credit, along with those who sent their prayers.

But of course, when things go south, God gets little blame, even though God certainly heard all of those prayers.

And isn't God the one who is to blame for this hurricane hitting in the first place? What does God have against Florida that hurricanes continue to hit the state every year?

We Owe Matt Gaetz An Apology, Innocent Until Proven Guilty

He's still an Asshole, and a despicable human being, but he's not guilty of, nor has he even been accused of having sex with a minor, or engaging in any trafficking of minors.

If you continue to believe otherwise, then you also must subscribe to the belief that our "justice" system is a complete joke, and some special people, are above the law. That's where I'm at, and where I've been since March 2021, when Many here on DU were writing his death warrant.

You can say there wasn't enough evidence, the witnesses were unreliable, and that he's not being charged because a conviction would have been unlikely. But that doesn't matter, all that matters is he's not being charged, nor convicted, meaning he's innocent of all accusations saying otherwise.

Where Are The Posters Who Said In April 2021 That It Was A CERTAINTY Matt Gaetz Was Screwed?

I know there are several who argued and argued that point.

Many of them still INSIST that TFG is also going down.

I'm not holding my breath.

9 House repubs Voted For Electoral Reform Act. NONE Will Be Returning In 2023.


Turtle: "Too Many Of My Party's Senate Candidates Suck"**

I concur.

**Not His Actual Quote

The Wyoming Democratic Candidates Combined Vote Total Is Approx. 10K, repubs Vote Total Approx. 150K

FIFTEEN Times as many repubs voted as Democrats in Wyoming today.

The state is an obvious cancer.

New Mexico GOP Outraged At Breaking Bad Statues

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are forever enshrined in bronze in the city of Albuquerque -- something conservatives there are up in arms about, claiming the statues glorify meth.

Late last month, Mayor Tim Keller unveiled 2 statues to honor the 'Breaking Bad' stars -- they're now on display at the Albuquerque Convention Center -- after a ceremony where BC and AP were actually on hand to pose with their metal counterparts.

It was a kitschy, fun thing that seemed fairly innocent -- as a shout-out to the actors and show for putting a spotlight on their city and state -- but now, some Republicans in the state are fuming over the honor.

Conservative radio host Eddy Aragon and state representative Rod Montoya say the statues send the wrong message about who should be glorified in the community.


Not much exciting happens in NM, so gotta be Outraged about something.

Sicknick, Babbitt, Shiffer....All Collateral Damage To TFG

They all supported him, and the latter 2 even died for him, believing they had to stake their lives in defense of him.

He couldn't care less about them, any more than he cares about the 100's of Thousands who died from Covid thanks to his LIES, IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY.

There are probably Democrats and Liberals who have more empathy for their deaths than he ever will. Not me, I too couldn't give 2 shits about their deaths, but of course, I have no blame in that matter, nor did my words directly lead to their demise.
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