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Member since: Thu Mar 26, 2020, 10:50 AM
Number of posts: 47,241

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Nancy said to give Pence until the end of her 60 Min segment tonight

Tweets by Hugo Lowell:

Scooplet: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is said to intend to give VP Pence until Sunday night to invoke 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, per source — and will otherwise move forward with impeachment.

Source familiar with Pelosi’s thinking says should Pence not invoke the 25th Amendment by the conclusion of her CBS interview Sunday night, she’s prepared to green-light bringing articles early next week.

Dem leaders weighing whether to bring two articles of impeachment. Usual caveats but as of this morning, talks centered on Raskin-Lieu-Cicilline’s Incitement of Insurrection and Omar-AOC’s Abuse of Power.

Brit journalist, Politico & Telegraph.

One thing I'm still not clear about

What action caused the terrorists to casually waltz out of our Capitol building?

Russians found what they were looking for?

Magats certainly did not appear to depart under duress.

Anyone know?

U-Haul: CA residents moving to red states!


Their title:

Tennessee named No. 1 destination for U-Haul moves during pandemic

The top states where Americans are moving to are:

North Carolina

“For a good part of this year we’ve had far more customers than we’ve actually had equipment to serve these customers,” said Victor Vanegas, area district vice president for U-Haul, in a video statement. “We rely actually on inbound equipment to serve a lot of these customers so when the net is out, not in, it’s a little more difficult to serve these customers.”

Turn them BLUE!!!

On edit: more at link.

Reuters: FAA chief vows tough line after some Trump supporters disrupt flights


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Saturday vowed to take “strong enforcement action” against unruly passengers following reports of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump disrupting flights returning from Washington.


Dickson said “unruly passenger behavior ... can distract, disrupt and threaten crewmembers’ ability to conduct their key safety functions.” He added the “FAA will pursue strong enforcement action against anyone who endangers the safety of a flight, with penalties ranging from monetary fines to jail time.


The FAA opened more than 1,300 enforcement actions against unruly passengers during the past decade, including recent cases for interfering with and assaulting flight attendants who instructed them to wear masks.

More at link. Why are they not being met by police upon disembarking from planes? Newsweek article quoted FAA person talking about numerous passenger tracking programs in place, so hopefully their info will be fed to FBI!

For those without cable

A friend who had cut the cord some time ago called tonight, excited about a new freebie from crappy Comcast / Xfinity.

Apparently, internet customers now qualify for a "Flex Box," completely free of charge. (I saw the contract and the box is listed at $0.00 for one year.)

This box connects to tv with HDMI cable, which is included. It also comes wih a remote.

This box provides access to all of Comcast's On Demand shows and free local channels.

The way I understand it, Xfinity customers must call to renegotiate a 12-month contract annually. This is how my friend learned about this freebie.

I hope this is helpful to those without tv service who would like to watch.

Appreciation thread for Nevilledog!

Ty, Neville, for your tireless and exceptional efforts to keep us updated on this crisis situation!

I so appreciate all you do!

Rioter Who Stole Pelosi's Podium Identified as Florida Dad


A man seen gleefully stealing what looks to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s podium in a now infamous photo from Wednesday’s Capitol riot has been identified by the Bradenton Herald as Adam Johnson, a father of five. He traveled from Parrish, Florida, to D.C. to join a group of protesters who later stormed the Capitol to oppose a peaceful transfer of presidential power. The 36-year-old was quickly identified from a photo that went viral where he’s seen grinning at the camera. He could face felony charges for destruction of government property. The mob was eventually brought under control by police forces, but not before four people died and dozens were arrested.

Link to orig article at link. No more text.

Flori-duh man...

Phone call from magat business acquaintence

We never talk politics.

Person called briefly to convey business information.

Stated son is NG MP near Nashville & has been on some high alert to be called up anytime. Apologies, I was so shocked to hear this seeming anti-dump chatter, I didn't take note of the term.

Guessing because they kbow this isn't over.

Anyone else hearing things like this?

From this governor, I'd expect NG orders to be anti-USA if called up.
Posted by SheltieLover | Fri Jan 8, 2021, 07:24 PM (2 replies)

Hoping judges do not allow bail for traitors!

At least until after 1/20!

They are a clear & present danger to our country & terrorists are planning more "events" per parler posts here on du.

High bail wont work. Putin & other maggots might pay!

Posted by SheltieLover | Fri Jan 8, 2021, 03:27 PM (6 replies)

Anyone else noticing

A fair % of these terrorists are quite well-to-do? Not your commonly thought of deplorables.

An attorney, several business owners, a CEO, 6 or 7 state legislators, etc, etc.

Something tells me that congressional connection that was aluded to might have been contacting significant donors to GOP.

Why else would these people throw their professions, businesses, & professions away?

Thoughts? Insights?
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