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Profile Information

Name: William
Gender: Male
Hometown: Bronx
Home country: United States
Current location: Cleveland
Member since: Thu May 7, 2020, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 473

Journal Archives


Watching a documentary series called Shadowland on Peacock. Started watching episode 1 and so far, it's pretty good. Shows how people can get pulled into these conspiracies and they actually believe them. These idiots believe in Sovreign Citizen theory also.


Just had my prescription of gabapentin adjusted up and can't sleep. Feel like I'll be up all night.

Just want to see if anyone is up.

New Hampshire Qpublican Senate Race

The MAGA moron, Bolduc, is up by 2 points with 23% of the vote counted.

Here is the link:


What a maroon

Can you imagine having to try to justify what he said, if you’re his spokesperson?

Bunker mentality

Kind of reminds you a particular leader who was in a bunker, commanding nonexistent tank brigades, doesn’t it?

Social Security Disability

If not allowed, I'll delete.

Since this group is about Chronic health conditions, did anyone apply for SSDI?

I've been turned down twice and now will go before a judge. Has anyone done this? Also, I'm doing this with a jaw firm.

Any information on process will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Great News in Nevada Senate race (Cortez Masto +7%)

In Nevada, incumbent Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto leads her Republican opponent, Adam Laxalt, by seven percentage points (45%-38%), according to a new poll conducted by Suffolk University and the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Cortez Masto's latest polling numbers are a significant voter swing in her favor. In April, in a hypothetical matchup prior to winning the Nevada Republican primary, Laxalt led Cortez Masto by 3 percentage points (43%-40%) according to a previous poll also conducted by Suffolk University and the Reno Gazette-Journal.


Armed man who was at Capitol on Jan. 6 is fatally shot after firing into an FBI field office

The shooter was at the insurrection on January 6.

The man who fired a nail gun into a FBI Cincinnati building Thursday before he was killed by officers was at the Capitol on Jan. 6, officials said.

Two officials familiar with the matter identified the suspect as Ricky Walter Shiffer.

Officers fatally shot the suspect after failing to negotiate with him, Ohio State Police spokesman Lt. Nathan Dennis told reporters.


North Carolina county putting AR-15s in every school for security

(The Hill) — The school system in Madison County, N.C., plans to put AR-15 rifles in emergency safes in each of its six schools as a part of a plan for enhanced security in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting earlier this year.

“We were able to put an AR-15 rifle and safes in all of our schools in the county,” Sheriff Buddy Harwood told the Asheville Citizen-Times. “We’ve also got breaching tools to go into those safes. We’ve got extra magazines with ammo in those safes.”

The breaching tools are intended to allow police to break down barricaded doors without having to wait for the fire department.

Feds arrest Youngstown man accused of making over 2,400 calls to Virginia-based power company
Harwood said that he wants to “make sure my deputies are prepared” in the event of a school shooting, especially after the Uvalde police failed to take down the shooter at Robb Elementary School for over an hour.

“Those officers were in that building for so long, and that suspect was able to infiltrate that building and injure and kill so many kids,” said Harwood.

“I do not want to have to run back out to the car to grab an AR, because that’s time lost. Hopefully, we’ll never need it, but I want my guys to be as prepared as prepared can be,” he added.

The schools where the safes will be located are Brush Creek Elementary, Hot Springs Elementary, Mars Hill Elementary, Madison Middle, Madison High and Madison Early College High.

Madison County Schools Superintendent Will Hoffman said that the system’s administration has been in regular contact with Harwood and the rest of the police department about school security.

“Our partnership with law enforcement is a critical part of our daily preparations. We have to be vigilant and prepared for any possibility at any time. Our students have to feel safe in order to be safe,” said Hoffman.

Youngstown house shot at for third time this week
Harwood acknowledged that people might have concerns about AR-15s being located in school, but he argued that it would be safer on the whole.

“I hate that we’ve come to a place in our nation where I’ve got to put a safe in our schools, and lock that safe up for my deputies to be able to acquire an AR-15. But, we can shut it off and say it won’t happen in Madison County, but we never know,” he said.

Harwood continued: “I want the parents of Madison County to know we’re going to take every measure necessary to ensure our kids are safe in this school system. If my parents, as a whole, want me to stand at that door with that AR strapped around that officer’s neck, then I’m going to do whatever my parents want as a whole to keep our kids safe.”


Diet for Diabetes

Without breaking the bank, has anyone found a website with tracking and food choices for diabetes? Any help appreciated.
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