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Current location: Florida
Member since: Sat Jul 4, 2020, 07:48 PM
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I have to apologize

Because somehow I clicked for the thread to be trashed and I was going to respond to it and of course, it's no longer visible to me. It is the one about a private school refusing to hire anyone who has been vaccinated. I think it is really sad, I have repeatedly been told that private schools and private owners are allowed to do as they choose. I recently went to get a to-go order on what was once my favorite place, not a single employee had a mask on and they were all gathered close together, like usual and walking around out around the customers. My friend told me they are allowed to do as they choose since they are a private business.

But here was something I found even sadder. Why is it those who choose to not believe in this are allowed to do what they want, but they are also able to swing the tide that others have to be in danger because of their lack of belief?


Trump II is now tormenting and taunting others?

I realize this article doesn't say it was specifically done by the Satan oh, but it's one of his henchmen. I am not saying what governor Whitmer did was right, but isn't this childish?


Even many Republicans don't like their elected officials


I have never believed that every Republican is bad, but I can't think of 14 good ones. All I can come up with is Mitt Romney from Utah, Lisa from Alaska, Susan Collins from Maine, and Liz Cheney from Wyoming. Who are the other nine that are semi sane?

I do have to give this group credit and I admire them like I did the Lincoln project.

Do you consider yourself to be

An introvert?

Yet another presidential recount?

What is up with this and is it even legal? Did they have to come way over to Florida to find a big enough crook to do this?


About Val Deming

A few days ago there was a discussion and a question whether any Floridians have heard about her running against Rubio or Scott and it looks like she is considering a run against someone.


" Don't vote stupid like you did up north."


This man is evil. A trump clone


Last summer he wanted this to become a law and it didn't gain a lot of traction, but after the Insurrection he used that as an excuse to revive it. It was obvious from the start that BLM was actually his Target. He didn't even reference the Insurrection when he signed this and it takes effect Now versus July 1st like other laws would. His great urgency was to get this into law before the jury in Minneapolis renders their verdict.

Too bad the jurors aren't allowed to know this


So today the fool in Tallahassee

Signed his favorite racist bill. It's the bill that he brought up during the summer when there were several BLM rallies and it didn't gain too much traction so he figured a way to bring it up after the Insurrection, citing that something like that would never happen in Florida.

When he signed it, he never even mentioned the Insurrection and unfortunately, I believe he did it in my County because the county sheriff was there give him a big pat on the back. He wanted to be sure to get this through before the results of the George Floyd murder is decided.

We had some locals who went up to be supportive in the Minneapolis area and unfortunately they ran into trouble. They have the story posted on the black lives matter Polk restoration Facebook page, if anyone is interested in reading about it. I'm keeping them in my prayers.
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