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Member since: Wed Aug 26, 2020, 10:03 PM
Number of posts: 4,006

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Dear Lord, protect Georgia Democrats as they vote for Rev Warnock.

So many want to sabotage this election and there has been rampant violence everywhere.


We are angry at those who would destroy it, but we are not going to attack anyone for being misinformed and voting for stupid.

We may hate what they do, but we know that political differences are best resolved at the ballot box and with fair counting of ballots to determine the Will of the PEOPLE.

We DEMS do not consider shooting people or beating them with a hammer to be valid means of political speech.

PLEASE protect our people in Georgia, and if the other side is in the line of fire and not holding the gun, protect them too.

ALLOW the election officials to be safe and allowed to do their job.

SOME people would tell me NOT to tell you what to do, and I am sorry, Lord.

I know these are my fears and that you are capable of doing all these things.

BUT WE HAVE FREE WILL, so if no one asks, then letting US fall on our faces is kind of our own fault.


Yet I can not think between these two candidates there is any doubt which one of them truly serves YOU and which one only serves himself.

Australia: How 'bin chickens' wash poisonous cane toads

THIS cracked me up.

What do you think? IS there a big enough bird to deal with tRump in this fashion?


There are few Australian animals more reviled than the white ibis.

It has earned the moniker "bin chicken" for its propensity to scavenge food from anywhere it can - messily raiding garbage and often stealing food right out of people's hands.

But the native bird may have figured out how to overhaul its bad reputation.

It has developed an "ingenious" method of eating one of the only animals Australians hate more - the cane toad, a toxic and pervasive pest.

"Ibis were flipping the toads about, throwing them in the air, and people just wondered what on earth they were doing," she told the BBC.

"After this they would always either wipe the toads in the wet grass, or they would go down to a water source nearby, and they would rinse the toads out."

She believes it is evidence of a "stress, wash and repeat" method that the birds have developed to rid the toads of their toxins before swallowing them whole.

Revisiting Boundaries to sort self out after job loss

Found a great article on this website. Thought I'd share.

Signs of Healthy Boundaries
Posted on September 26, 2022
BY: Darlene Lancer, JD, LMFT

Why don't we DU our OWN poll on Biden's Approval?

People obviously are here to be anonymous, but it would be a great thing if you could get post cards and put on the back the message .....

I APPROVE OF JOE BIDEN. No pollsters have called me, so they didn't know that.

Or whatever you want to say.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

OR ... Email https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/


Did anyone else find themselves praying night and day for DEMs to hold onto our Democracy?

I feel like God has answered that prayer.

STILL much work to go, but at least we have a chance.

IF we keep both HOUSE and SENATE, we can actually get VOTING RIGHTS restored and tRUMP in prison.

THEN ON TO 2024.

RAW Story wants to KNOW... SHOULD tRUMP be indicted? DU this POLL everyone. See link


Raw Story, America's largest progressive news site, is conducting a national online poll about whether you believe Trump should be charged with federal crimes.

Raw Story will use this poll to help shape our coverage. Vote to see the results. Invalid email addresses will not be counted.

Do you feel that Trump should be indicted?
Yes - (14013) votes
No - (541) votes

Devon Cole - rewrote Blurred Lines about Consent

Do you ever just want to scream and scream and never stop?

I guess 3 margaritas is my new limit.

I just took a Communications Course at work that gave me a possible way to talk to my Almost a MAGA son.

It's hopeful, but my present situation and my fear of trying this option is tearing me apart.

Having my son live with me and having him so sucked into the tRump world is like having him here but he's dead.

We can't talk without fighting.

STILL this Communication Course which conveniently hung up at the same spots several times making me go over it several times, OK God I get it.

And I figured out that if I let my son talk for 10 minutes on his subject of choice, but put a bunch of structure around it so I only have to basically tell him I heard you. I may disagree, but I heard you. That it could bring my son back from the dead basically.

I'm happy and hurting and freaking out.

Wealth Gap. It's been a thing since USA began, but it's WORSE

I am still looking for the earliest information, but I know these things changed a bit in the 1950's and that is when we got a middle class.

But corporate welfare has given those at the top so much more of the share of wealth and it's been TAKEN from the rest of US and they dodge taxes, hide their money off shore, pass it on via family wealth. So much of that WE NEVER GET BACK.

EARNINGS BY Education 1989 - 2019


They inheretit it.


THAT'S MOST OF US. The bottom 50%


My son's cat died in my grandson's arms.

We suspect he got into some rat poison somehow. He couldn't have eaten that many poisoned rats to do this. Unless he was stuck in a garage and that was all there was to eat. He had a little blood coming from his one nostril and his breathing was labored. It was sad, but we were grieving together until grandson was so upset that everything is "SO EXPENSIVE" now.

I said it has been that way for a long time. I know it to be true. Maybe 15-20 years ago I was giving another cat fluids subcutaneously for an illness we weren't certain of its origin because the bill would have been over four thousand to do all the tests and with no guarantee of prolonging her life.

Yesterday we went to the emergency vet after the cat appeared under my husband's car. He had gotten out and was missing for 6 days. The only thing the vet diagnosed initially was dehydration and gave him fluids and the option of 1-2 days of hospitilization to the tune of three to five thousand dollars. We got the fluid hydration and antinaussea shot and brought him home with the hope of going to the regular vet and getting a fuller diagnostic at non-emergency rates.

At least we had him home and gave him lots of love. He passed around 2 am, but woke up my son and grandson with some awful howls and then it was over.

I got up and was doing my best to be supportive, but then the poison my son planted in my grandson came out the younger's mouth, "NO IT'S ONLY BEEN THIS EXPENSIVE SINCE 2020 WHEN BIDEN TOOK OVER"

I said "NO IT'S BEEN THIS WAY A LONG TIME" he insisted and I lost it and said, "FUCK YOUR HEAD" and my son got all mad at me for "MAKING IT POLITICAL" and giving the kid a ration during his time of grief. I told him, "NO. I DID NOT MAKE IT POLITICAL. HE DID WHEN HE STARTED BLAMING BIDEN."

FOR GOD'S SAKE. In history, Biden will show up as one of the best if not the best President's ever for putting up with all this crap and STILL doing his job daily, but the MAGA masses are being taught to blame him for everything.
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