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Member since: Wed Sep 30, 2020, 03:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,216

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I strongly reccomend this book Dirt Road Revival

I just finished it this week. It was written by Maine state senator Chloe Maxmin and her campaign manager Canyon Woodward. It really is an honest eye opening expose on how the Democrat party lost small town America and how we can take it back by inclusive and invigorating youth voter representation. It's something that I feel is so important. This is the future of our party and we must embrace it.

"The Democratic Party — indeed, all America — must take heed, and Dirt Road Revival offers us a path forward. This is a wonderful, powerful book — and one of the most hopeful I’ve read about a possible future for American politics."

—Robert B. Reich, former US Secretary of Labor and

author of Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few


DNA test to identify your dead child

No test to buy the weapon that killed them

With vomit bag in hand I watched Cancun's NRA speech

For a supposedly well educated lawyer, for someone who was supposedly being considered for the Supremes at one time, for someone who supposedly represents not only his state but all people of this country, for a husband that never defended his wife, I will say something most of us have known for over a decade.


Buddha help me But I HATE that Cancun SOB.

RIP AW, you inspired many


Its not displacing blame to mental illness or whatever, the truth is the NRA and their ilk are

arms dealers on the scale of the Merchant of Death Victor Bout. Arms dealer credo, why just sell weapons to one side when we can double our profits by selling to both sides. I dont know why nobody sees this.


50 PEOPLE are enabling these atrocities to happen. . In a country of 300 million, 50 PEOPLE refuse to do whats right. 50 PEOPLE put their greed ahead of Americas children. 50 PEOPLE are willingly, nefariously, insouciantly standing by while thousands of YOUR children die.


POUND that message

Explain something to me about the 1/6 public hearings

Is this going to be basically a 6 day summation of what they've uncovered? Or are any of these fucks going to have to go before this committee PUBLICLY and answer questions, pre-determined or not, aka. Watergate, Iran Contra, cum stained dresses, Benghazi? I swear, if any of these fuckers get away without testifying in front of the American people this is a farce from hell. I don't need a history teacher explaining to me for 6 days wtf happened. I want to see these fuckers squirm, dodge, lie... show themselves for who they are. All at once, not in 15 DOJ courtroom dramas that will be drug out over 5 or 6 years to the point my fucking dogs are bored. I was under the assumption that much of the testimony was under the guise that the the "defendants" will have to answer and "testify" in front of the American people. If that's not going to happen, or even if they just show video of these fucks being questioned, this is total bullshit and I want my money back from these "lawyers" I paid and voted for to protect my democracy. I hope I'm fucking wrong.

Please check one: White Native American Hispanic Asian Other

THIS kinda of shit is so fucking vile it disgusts me to no end. That's usually the What Ethnicity are you question. And it's almost always followed by What Race are you please check one: White Hispanic Asian Other. WTF!!!! To this day these check boxes are on damn near every job application, damn near every loan application, damn near every application for government assistance be it for food stamps or a small business loan. 40 fucking years I've seen these check boxes ever since I became an "official" adult. You know where I didn't see those check boxes? On the military applications after I aced my ASVABS in high school. Let me explain something about "other"...

Short story is this

My father was born in this little cornfield of a town I'm in now. His father was born in Spain, came here fleeing fascism to go to IU and became a dentist.

My mother was born in this little cornfield of a town I'm in now. Her mother was the daughter of "mix raced" parents a Cherokee man and an African American woman.

I could go in depth about my family history, its really pretty nuts but, my point is what fucking box am I supposed to check, and why the fuck are they continually asking me to check one over the last 40 years and WHAT THE FUCK IS OTHER!!

This is where mainstream racism meets the road. This shit is where individuals who "think" they aren't racist need to fess up and correct themselves in the mirror man.

Just sayin

Apathy is the fertile ground for fascism to prosper

We have become a society of fat mini oligarchs who don't give a shit. Sure, there's many who may see through the facade of the American dream but how many are actually willing to sacrifice the things its going to take to stop whats coming, and it is coming big time. I don't believe there's any motivation in this country to do what it will take to turn this around. not gonna give up their Starbucks, or their cheap Walmart shit, or their happy meals, or anything on the end of a corporate silver spoon they're being fed. I fear this society has become so fat, so apathetic, we are primed to become a fascist state the likes of which the world has never seen. I hope Im wrong.

Thomas McDermott Jr is ready and is the best shot Indiana has

had for a blue senate candidate in years. He's up against incumbent nazi Todd Young in the 2022 Indiana national Senate race. While he is a bit more centrist for my liking (which could help him in the rural areas), and is at times controversial, I voted for him in the primary and I'm 100% behind this guy. He's a no BS gloves off ready to fight pit bull, something of a rarity in the party lately. For years he's been one of the loudest critics of the repuke party in Indiana. He's the best chance we've had in a while to help turn this state back to it's pre Lugar blue so lets get behind him. Help us out if you can. If you're a Hoosier, or anyone, not familiar with him,


campaign website


Ballotpedia profile


Also check out the 4 time Hammond mayors weekly podcast, he's straight up


-cross posted from the Indiana group-

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