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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,653

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No indictment today

ABC News reporting the Grand Jury is meeting again tomorrow to continue weighing an indictment, so we won't see anything today.

Costello, Cohen's former legal advisor testifying Cohen wants revenge

And that's why he's testifying against Trump.

If the Grand Jury buys that, Trump may not get indicted.

What can we do about traitors like McCarthy?

I don't understand how the "Speaker" can interfere with a state prosecution to protect his treasonous boss and face zero consequences. We're descending into a fascist dictatorship so fast.

Do you think the FBI/DoJ will ever address Republican fascism?

We're witnessing the exact same events that lead to Nazi Germany now happening America.

A speaker at CPAC advocated for transgender people to be eradicated and the crowd cheered.

Florida is passing a law to remove kids from their families' homes, no matter what state they live in if someone in the family is transgender.

The first books Nazi Germany burned were on LGBTQ research. The books Republicans are banning are primarily on LGBTQ issues.

The Republican Party needs to be labeled a fascist terrorist organization by the FBI.

Will Garland appoint a SC for Pence?

Classified docs found at Pence's home too.

MAGA terrorists and insurrectionists are now on prime committees

In McQarthy's criminal, corrupt, pathetic need to get the Speaker title, he has put most of the MAGA extremists on the Oversight and Judiciary committees. He also removed Swallwell and Schiff from Intel and Judiciary.

That means the very people who planned and took part in the overthrow of the US government now have power over those investigating them for it.

This is another clear example of how Merrick Garland is failing. There is no way Biggs, Gosar, Gaetz, Greene, and Boebert should be on those committees. They should be in prison.

I personally do not see how this country can survive with so many treasonous terrorists running the government.

NBC News reporting more classified documents found by Biden's team

More ammunition for the GOP. It's so frustrating.

The person 2nd in line to the Presidency is still praising the coup leader

Just a reminder of how dangerous a situation we're in. We literally have a pro-insurrectionist traitor leading the House, with only Kamala Harris standing in the way of him getting the Presidency.

That's what happens when DoJ refuses to indict and prosecute the high level supporters of the insurrection.

Dave Wasserman calls it for McCarthy

Sad day for America. McCarthy is evil.

But at least it took him 15 ballots and he had to beg people to vote "present" to lower the voting threshold low enough for McCarthy to win by 1 vote.

Biggs switched to Present

So assuming no other votes change, McCarthy will win with 216
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