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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 08:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,444

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Louisiana just advanced a bill to make abortion at conception

or later a murder charge.


We're really turning into Nazi Germany.

Can blue states cut federal funding to red states?

So I don't really know how this works. We all know that blue states massively subsidize red states. Red states would be 3rd world countries without money from places like California.

Why can't blue states eliminate that funding? Don't states have the right to decide where their funding goes?

Alito wants to ban homosexuality and gay marriage too


Without the right of privacy, all laws based on that will be overturned too.

It will become a crime to be in a same-sex relationship again.

This is terrifying.

NY Court of Appeals rejects NY redistricting map


This is insanely unfair. This New York gerrymander would have helped us offset losses in places like Florida due to their gerrymander.

And I believe all the judges on this court are Democrats. 4-3 decided to get rid of the NY redistricting map.

This means that 152 Republican districts are allowed to be gerrymandered, while Dems only get about 30.

It's so ridiculously unfair that Dems are expected to play by the rules, while Republicans get away with anything they want. I freakin hate this country.

Seeing a lot of Twitter users bail already.

A lot of blue-flagged twitter members (official/verified, like reporters, news anchors, celebrities, etc.) are seeing losses of thousands of followers already.

Looks like the wave of people ditching Twitter over Elon's takeover has already started.

Which means it will likely end up just being another Gab or Parler for Qanon.

Why isn't Mark Meadows and Margarine Taylor Greene being arrested?

We have undeniable evidence that they engaged in seditious conspiracy and the DoJ hasn't arrested them yet. Greene is still allowed to be in Congress.

It makes no sense. If you or I did a fraction of what these 2 did, we'd have already been booked and sitting in jail.

I really have no faith in Garland at all. It seems like his DoJ is designed to protect Republican politicians.

Slovenia Parliament - Left/Liberal party beats far-right

A less exciting election than France, but very good news. The far-right populist party whose leader is currently Prime Minister just lost really badly, and the liberal left party won big, which means a Left/Center-left coalition and new Prime Minister.

Rob Reiner on MSNBC talking about end of Democracy

He's saying everyday that Trump is not indicted brings us one step closer to the end of Democracy.

Do you agree? I realize this is a massive criminal case, but Garland needs to understand the consequences of not prosecuting people like Trump.

It will forever give tyrants permission to overthrow the government, because they know they can get away with it.

Do you think other companies will think twice about setting up in red states?

One thing this Disney attack has proven is that Red states are not actually pro-business. Anytime you do something Republicans don't like, you get punished. That's poor incentive for businesses to want to setup operations there.

Do you think other companies will change plans to move to states like Florida and Texas? I haven't heard of any comments from other big companies about what's happening with Disney.

The Shadow Docket strikes again

Supreme Court reinstated Trump rule to allow corporations to dump sludge into public waterways that people drink out of. https://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/u-s-supreme-court-reinstates-5848628/
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