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Member since: Thu Oct 1, 2020, 09:03 PM
Number of posts: 1,653

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Remember Phil Valentine, Conservative Radio Host in Nashville?

He's spent months downplaying Covid and telling his listeners not to get the vaccine. He got Covid and was put on a ventilator last week.

His brother tweeted that they're now trying to find a hospital with an ECMO machine to transfer him to.

For those not aware, ECMO is Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation machine. It's basically dialysis for the heart and lungs. It's a last-ditch hail Mary, typically used to allow someone to live long enough to get a heart or lung transplant.

For Phil Valentine, that means his lungs are so badly damaged by Covid, they can't process enough oxygen for even a ventilator to help him, so his blood has to be oxygenated outside the body.

It's extremely expensive to operate (typically millions of dollars), requires a team of specialists, completely wrecks the body even if you survive, and has a fairly low survival rate.

It's crazy how many idiots are downplaying this virus. They never learn until they're dying in the hospital.


Contact Tracing for Covid

Has anyone here worked as a Covid contact tracer? How did you go about getting the job and what did you think of it?

I'm in need of a job atm, and with the Delta variant spreading a lot, I thought I'd look into contact tracing.

Ossoff and Warnock got their Committee Assignments

Ossoff: Judiciary (quite prestigious), Homeland Security and Government Affairs, and Banking committees.

Warnock: Agriculture, Commerce, and Banking.

Ossoff got some awesome committee assignments.


Antony Blinken confirmed 78-22 for Secretary of State

Wonder why he got so many no votes.

Trump's corrupt extended secret service protection

So Trump extended 24/7 Secret Service protection for 14 people, including his entire family, Steve Mnuchin, Mark Meadows, etc.

Since when do former Cabinet officials and Chiefs of Staff get extended Secret Service protection? How did Trump even do that? Was it an Executive Order?

Is there a way for Biden to revoke that protection? It's absurd that taxpayers are paying for another 6 months of secret service protection for 14 people.

Some reports that Boerbert did give a tour on the 5th


NYT: People paying Trump tens of thousands of dollars for pardons


Blatant bribery. I think he's going to pardon the insurrectionists.

Katie Porter denied a waiver to serve again on Finance Committee.


If anyone's Rep is Democratic leadership like Pelosi, Hoyer, Clyburn, etc. please call them and demand they give Katie Porter the waiver.

More evidence this was a planned coup by Trump and his GOP allies


Panic buttons in the Capitol offices were ripped out.

Lax security, "reconnaissance" tours the day before by GOP members of Congress like Boebert, to her terrorist friends, the delay in sending backup, members like Gosar, Brooks, and Biggs communicating with one of the leaders of the terrorist attack to plan it.

We have literal traitors sitting in the halls of Congress. They implemented a dangerous, nearly successful coup to execute all Democratic members of Congress and Pence in order to keep Trump in power.

I still can't believe the GOP members of Congress who participated haven't been removed or arrested yet.

Chad Wolf Stepping Down


He's been in his position illegally for over a year, so it's not like he was useful. But it's all the more alarming that none of the Executive Agencies have leaders going into inauguration.
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